Sports Field Irrigation Designs

Sports Field Design
It is almost impossible to maintain high quality sports fields without irrigation. Because of heavy use of most fields, irrigation is also needed to produce grass that grows fast. Seldom is more than one season during the year for grass to develop or recover. Obtaining quality in such a short period almost always requires irrigation.

Our Sports Field Irrigation Designs contain Irrigation Design Criteria for water source and head layouts. In the documents below, you will find by field type, pressure and flow water requirements along with general head spacing. Head layouts and spacing are based on field dimensions. Head and lateral spacing will vary with the dimensions of the field. A graphic scale is provided on each field type.

We recommend 2 products for sport fields, ProSport and the RPS75i gear driven rotors. The ProSport comes standard with a unique triple nozzle configuration, consisting of a primary nozzle for long distance and two secondary nozzles for mid-range and short distance coverage. This nozzle design provides superior, close-in water distribution from 43' to 77' (13 to 23,5 m). The RPS75i allows the reduction of distance while simultaneously and proportionately reducing the flow rate up to 50%. 

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