SiteMaster™ 2-Wire Decoder Controller

SiteMaster 2-Wire Irrigation Controller
Perfect for use on large commercial, industrial and residential sites, SiteMaster™ controls up to 99 zones. User-friendly, this innovative controller offers advanced diagnostics along with easy setup and operation.

Along with the ability to run up to 99 zones, the SiteMaster™ has an extra large 5" X 3" display screen with a full keyboard for easy naming and displays watering days, number of start times, number of stations and specialized programming.  The two transformer design, along with separate, dedicated lines and advanced on-board diagnostic tools, makes troubleshooting your system both easy and accurate.

  • Patented full program display on the industry’s largest screen – One screen shows zones with run times, watering days, number of start times and special features such as seasonal adjust, zone grouping and restore program.
  • Flow sensor and weather station capable – Connect up to two hard wired flow meters and three additional meters attached to decoders out in the field. K-Rain® Weather Station connects directly to the controller and has the ability to modify run times.
  • Rain sensor and rain/freeze sensor ready – Allows automated operation to be controlled by sensor.
  • Advanced diagnostics – Provides an interactive fault log to track completed repairs. The display shows on which line a fault occurred as well as the outgoing and incoming signal strength to each decoder to better locate a problem. Ability to display real-time current draw on the mainscreen at all times.
  • Full keyboard – Makes naming zones, programs and overall programming simple and intuitive.
  • Self-regulating decoders – The decoder will regulate the voltage sent to the coil to minimize the current drawn by each coil – making it more efficient and able to open more solenoids than traditional systems.
  • Station delay/overlap and pump pressurization – Permits additional time or dual operation for issues like: well recovery, slow closing valves and water hammer, as well as the ability to set a pump pressurization time for each of 5 separate pump start locations.
  • Dual transformer design – Time spent programming an entire system is safe and secure. Separates the midbox and your program from the 2-wire lines.
  • Independent wire paths – Two independent separate wire paths in case of lightning strike (2 routes per line or 4 total) allows you to easily eliminate half the system from your trouble shooting. It also means that if there is an issue, half of the system will still be able to function.

  • 3400 SiteMaster™, 2 Wire Decoder Controller, includes 3403 2-wire module  
  • 3400-220 SiteMaster™, 220 VAC 2-Wire DecoderController, includes 3403 2-wire module
  • 3401 SiteMaster™, Single Station Decoder
  • 3404 SiteMaster™ Network Module
  • 3420 SiteMaster™, 110 VAC 2-Wire Decoder Controller, in Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • 3420-220 SiteMaster™, 220 VAC 2-Wire Decoder Controller, in Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • 3421 SiteMaster™, 110 VAC 2-Wire Decoder Controller on Stainless Steel Pedestal
  • 3421-220 SiteMaster™, 220 VAC 2-Wire Decoder Controller, on Stainless Steel Pedestal

  • 3401 SiteMaster, Single Station Decoder
  • 3402 SiteMaster™, Surge Protector
  • 3403 SiteMaster™, 2-Wire Module
  • 3414 SiteMaster™ Pro Weather Station
  • FS735-10 1" Flow Sensor Assembly
  • FS228-15 1-1/2" Flow Sensor Assembly
  • FS228-20 2" Flow Sensor Assembly
  • FS228-30 3" Flow Sensor Assembly
  • FS228-40 4" Flow Sensor Assembly