Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor
K-Rain Rain Sensor products turn an irrigation controller into an expert water manager by efficiently suspending watering during rain and/or freeze periods.

After a set amount of rain has fallen and/or freezing temperatures exist (for models with freeze sensor), the sensor will trigger the controller to suspend watering.

The K-Rain Universal Rain Sensor Receiver allows a K-Rain Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor to be paired with nearly any manufacturer’s controller – providing a cost-efficient option to add a wireless rain sensor to most irrigation systems. Available as a kit containing the K-Rain Universal Rain Sensor Receiver and a Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor.

Unlike other Rain Sensors on the market, the K-Rain® wireless rain-freeze sensor (model 3208-WRFS) can be paired with multiple K-Rain PRO EX 2.0 Wifi enabled controllers within range, providing an additional value for the end user. The wired rain sensors work with closed circuit timers.


  • Flexibility. Allows a K-Rain Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor to be paired with any manufacturer’s rain sensor terminal equipped controller.
  • Simplicity. Provides the advantage of extremely quick, easy installation and programming, along with simple pairing with a K-Rain Rain Sensor.
  • Weather Resistant. Engineered with impact modified, UV resistant polymer for outdoor exposure.
  • Maintenance Free. No batteries to replace. Designed to operate up to 8 years (under normal conditions).
  • Flexibility. The K-Rain Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor (model 3208-WRFS) can be paired with multiple K-Rain PRO EX 2 .0 WiFi enabled controllers within range.
  • 2 in 1 Mounting. Provides flexible installation with standard flat & gutter mounting.
  • Models 3208-WRFS and 3208-HRFS include a freeze sensor that prevents the irrigation system from starting when temperatures drop to 37°F or below.
  • Range: Up to 300 feet or 120 meters (Line of Sight)

  • 3208-HRS Hardwired Rain Sensor
  • 3208-HRFS Hardwired Rain-Freeze Sensor
  • 3208-WRFS Wireless Rain-Freeze Sensor for WiFi enabled Pro EX 2.0
  • 3208-WRFS-KIT Wireless Rain-Freeze Sensor and RF Module for WiFi enabled Pro EX 2.0
  • 3208-UWRFS Universal Rain Sensor and Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor Kit