Product Catalogs

Thank you for your interest in the K-Rain irrigation product catalog. We have enhanced the Catalog experience to make it easier to explore your favorite K-Rain products. From exciting, new, affordable solutions to your favorite, classic K-Rain designs that transform your turf into a more sustainable and comfortable space for your business and families.


Go Green. K-Rain is committed to protecting the environment, and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we have supplied the latest catalog here for you to download. Once you have downloaded the material you need, refer to them online or print the pages that are most useful for you. The K-Rain Irrigation catalog has complete information on our ever-expanding product line. The catalog features easy to read charts, product features, advanced features, operating specification, and specification builder.
Our product catalog is full of intelligent, innovative, technologically advanced irrigation products for residential, multi-family, institutional and commercial properties. We have added comparison charts at the beginning of each product section so you can pick the specifications you require for your irrigation jobs. At the end of the catalog, you will find various charts such as conversion tables for U.S. and metric systems, resistance and valve wire sizing, formulas for precipitation rates, PSI friction loss by material and design resources for irrigation professionals.

K-Rain products are available in over 60 countries worldwide. We have our catalogs in multiple languages for your convenience.