Sprinkler Heads for Irrigation Professionals

K-Rain's complete line of residential and commercial rotor sprinklers set the industry standard for performance, reliability, versatility, ease of installation and use. Packed with innovative features and patented, water-efficient options, K-Rain rotor sprinklers have every application covered. Smarter Irrigation for a Greener World!  TO SEE ALL ROTORS IN A COMPARISION CHART, CLICK HERE.

Rotary sprinklers or gear driven rotors as they are known, are in-ground sprinklers that are installed in the lawn and pop up at a designated time, usually cycling their way through the yard to provide complete coverage. Rotors are a great choice for medium to large areas of turf and ideal for slow-draining and sloped landscapes because they deliver water slower than spray heads. That means there is simply less water run-off and wasted water.  They have a higher optimal operating water pressure between 45 and 50 psi than sprays and they have a precipitation rate between 0.5 and 1 inch per hour.

K-Rain® rotors are recognized worldwide for their reliability, ease of use and superior uniformity in coverage. They provide an efficient stream of water and have adjustable turrets that rotate from side-to-side or, depending on the model, a continuous 360 degrees. Available in ½”, ¾” & 1” inlet sizes providing different radius ranges for various lawn and plant needs, the zone performance in with K-Rain rotors is unmatched in eliminating dry spots.

1⁄2" inlet
  • MiniPro – Perfect for small lawn areas and replacing fixed spray zones. Patented top arc set. Available in 4", 6" and 12".
  • RPS 50 – Designed for smaller areas with a wide selection of nozzles. PGJ equivalent with same Right Start Arc Adjustment. Available in 4"

3⁄4" inlet
  • RPS 75 – The workhorse of the line, this right position start rotor is ideal for low flow applications and fits into the competitor can.
  • RPS 75i – Patented Intelligent Flow Technology® allows distance and flow to be reduced simultaneously and proportionately up to 50%. Available in high performance plastic or stainless steel.
  • RPS Select – Four built-in selectable nozzles means you never have to remove a nozzle. Adjust from the top.
  • ProPlus – Excellent nozzle performance and exceptional fall out pattern deliver up to 90% uniform coverage. Best in its class.
  • SuperPro – Allows distance and flow to be reduced simultaneously and proportionately. Adjustable from 40° to continuous 360°.

1" inlet
  • ProSport – Designed specifically for sports turf with head spacing from 40' to 65' and available in a high speed model.