RPS™ Select Rotor Sprinkler: 3/4" Inlet

RPS Select Rotary Sprinkler
RPS™ Select offers four pre-installed nozzles with greater water efficiency, allowing you to enjoy installation convenience and matched precipitation without hassles.

The K-Rain RPS™ Select rotary sprinkler is the first gear-driven sprinkler that makes matched precipitation fast and easy, without the need to change nozzles in the field. It offers a choice of 4 selectable built-in nozzles. With a twist of a flathead screwdriver, quickly select the correct nozzle to match the arc setting of the sprinkler or landscape.

No nozzle trees to carry or lose. Using a combination of the four nozzles, it’s easy to achieve matched precipitation across all arc settings. The four built-in nozzles also make RPS™ Select  a convenient universal replacement sprinkler for other brands.


  • Four Built-in Selectable Nozzles – Match different arc settings; nozzles #1 through #4 match arc settings 90° through 360°.
  • Adjustable Arc (40°-360°); All Adjustments Made From The Top – Adjust wet or dry, no special tools needed.
  • Matched Precipitation Rates – When nozzle setting matched to arc.
  • Precision-Engineered Nozzles – Ensures water-saving efficiency.
  • Standard Rubber Cover
  • Proven Water-lubricated Gear-drive Design – Common to the popular RPS™ 75 Series.
  • Universal Riser Assembly –Fits into existing Hunter® PGP®and PGP® Ultra cans
  • Low-pressure Operation

  • 60003 RPS™ Select Rotor
  • 60003-CV RPS™ Select Rotor w/Check Valve
  • 60003-6INCH  RPS™ Select Rotor w/6 Inch Riser
  • 60003-RCW RPS™ Select Rotor for reclaimed water use (RCW)
  • 60003-SH RPS™ Select  Rotor w/Shrub Head

Watch our Video on the RPS™ Select