RPS™ 75i Rotor Sprinkler: 3/4" Inlet

RPS75i Rotary Sprinkler

Saving water one lawn at a time

Intelligent Flow Technology

K-Rain Intelligent Flow Technology® allows the reduction of distance while simultaneously and proportionately reducing the flow rate up to 50%!

This is accomplished by a simple turn of the Flow Control to either increase or decrease distance and flow. Contractors stay dry. Landscapes are evenly watered. Water is saved. Systems perform better. This patented technology addresses the important concepts of water conservation, landscape and irrigation system design flexibility and contractor time-management.

The combination of advanced engineering and easy-to-use top adjustments makes the RPS™ 75i the right rotor for every landscape. Dry, easy, and accurate distance control without the need to change nozzles or employ a break-up screw! In addition, experience water savings of up to 30% or more!


  • Reduce Distance and Flow Rate Proportionately
  • Includes 5 Free Check Valve Assemblies Per Case
  • Save Time on Every Project — New or retrofit
  • Rugged RPS™ Family Construction
  • Conserves Water
  • Superior Uniformity
  • Fewer Zones Required
  • Improved Hydraulics
  • Universal Riser Assembly – Fits into existing Hunter® PGP® and PGP® Ultra cans

  • RPS75i RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor
  • RPS75i-360 RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor, Continuous 360°, 4" riser
  • RPS75i-360-CV RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor, Continuous 360°, 4" riser with Check Valve
  • RPS75i-CV RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/Check Valve
  • RPS75i-NN RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/No Nozzle
  • RPS75i-RCW RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/Reclaimed Water Use
  • RPS75i-SH  RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/Shrub Head
  • RPS75i-SS RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/Stainless Steel
  • RPS75i-SS-CV  RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/Stainless Steel and Check Valve
  • RPS75i-6INCH RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/6 Inch Pop-Up
  • RPS75i-6INCH-SS RPS™ 75i 3/4" Rotor w/6 Inch Pop-Up with Stainless Steel