Springtime Sprinkler Start Up Checklist

Springtime Sprinkler Tune-Up Checklist
A sprinkler system start up checklist to get your underground sprinkler system up and running again following its winter hibernation.

1.  Check the soil: Make sure the soil is thawed to a depth of at least 12".
2.  Check the controller: Clean; check settings and replace the battery back-up.
3.  Check the water source (point of connection):  Open water supply slowly.
4.  Check the valves: Inspect valves closely to ensure they are functioning properly.  Check there is no leakage or loose/broken wire connections.
5.  Check the placement:  Make sure the heads are at the proper height and straight.
6.  Check for Wear & Tear: Replace broken or worn nozzles, valves, pipes, and other components.
7.  Check for Obstructions: Remove dirt and debris from sprinkler heads.