Are You Looking for Unique Christmas Gifts for the Gardener Who Has Everything? Check Out this List for New Ideas

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

It’s that time of year again when we buy gifts for our favorite people. How’s your gift-buying going so far?

If you have gardeners on your Christmas buying list, you want to check out our gift ideas.

25 Best Christmas Gifts for Gardeners


You can easily find over 25 gardening gifts for Christmas. Many of the gifts listed in this blog post can be found on Amazon, online gardening shops, or at your independent garden center. But we, at K-Rain, broke down the list to 25:

1.  If you are a “go big or go home” gift giver, you can buy a K-Rain dripline kit, tree bubblers, or in-ground irrigation system for your favorite gardener.

2.  Garden storage, such as plastic photo boxes, saves seeds during the growing season.

3.  Tub trugs are valuable for collecting weeds or hauling fertilizer while a gardener works in their gardens.

4.  A gardener needs a garden hodbasket to put their fresh produce and flowers to take to friends and family.

5.  How about a bee brick or a mason bee house where mason and other solitary bees can lay their eggs to overwinter?

6.  If your favorite gardener likes to cook with fresh herbs, consider buying them an indoor herb garden kit.

7.  Boot socks or garden clogs make great gifts for gardeners.

8.  There are many gardening magazines on the market. How about buying a gift subscription to one?

9.  Is your gardener a writer too? Then gift them with Sprout Pencils, which are sold on Amazon. These pencils do double-duty for writing things down and recycling in the garden.

10.  Pots made from recycled newspapers are another sustainable Christmas gift for gardeners.

11. Garden kneelers help protect knees from getting muddy, dirty, and sore.

12.  A garden bench that fits well with the gardener’s landscape design provides a perfect place to sit and rest.

13.  Do you want something unique for your gardener? Then, keep their thumb green in winter with a copper watering can for seedlings and houseplants.

14.  While a gardener may have many mugs, buy one that fits your gardener’s personality.

15.  Buy gardening books. There are standards, such as the Vegetable Gardener’s Bible and the Flower Gardener’s Bible. Find a list of gardening books at The Spruce.

16.  Don’t forget to buy gift cards from your gardener’s favorite independent garden center (IGC)!

17.  Gardeners need aprons since gardening is dirty work. A gardening apron with pockets works best for the busy gardener in your life.

18.  How about a weed torch? Instead of using herbicides, your gardener only has to light up the torch to kill weeds on contact. Sounds like a fun weeding experience.

19.  Get your gardener started on vertical gardening, especially if your gardener only has a small space for planting. Vertical gardens draw the eye upward and provide privacy along with interesting textures.

20.  And who can resist buying a birdbath for their favorite gardener? Shop at your local IGC or online for whimsical birdbath gifts. Bird feeders and seed ornaments also make fine gardening gifts.

21.  Buy your gardener a weeding sickle. This tool helps remove weeds and their roots.

22.  Here’s another unique gardening gift: A toad house. Keep your neighborhood toads happy in these ceramic covers. You want toads because they eat the bugs that harm garden plants.

23.  Rain gauges come in handy for gardeners, and they make great Christmas gifts.

24.  Soil tests help gardeners know what the ground needs in nutrients to grow healthy vegetables and flowers.

25.  Does your gardener love visiting botanical gardens? Then, buy them a membership to a nearby botanical garden for Christmas.

Do You Need Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Gardener?

If you need stocking stuffers, here are seven ideas:

  1. A rain chain
  2. Sturdy gardening gloves
  3. A kid’s gardening kit
  4. Gardening soap
  5. Bug repellent
  6. Sun hat
  7. Gardening tools, such as herb scissors, hand-held pruners, trowels, and soil knives.

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