Types of Water Sprinklers Used for Irrigation Come in Threes

Friday, April 26, 2019
As an irrigation contractor, you want water sprinklers that provide water efficiency and conservation. At the same time, you want sprinkler heads that are easy to use and maintain for the homeowner or property manager.
Rotary nozzle

Three Sprinkler Bodies for Watering Lawns and Landscapes

As a contractor, you need to know the different parts of water sprinklers. There are three main bodies used in lawn and garden sprinkler systems:

1.  Pop-up sprinklers: These sprinklers have a piston that “pops” the sprinkler head up from the ground when it’s time to water your customer’s lawn. Then, when the timer shuts off the lawn sprinkler, the pop-up heads go back underground.

Pop-up sprinklers for front and backyards protect people from tripping over them and from lawn mowers running into them. They come with rotors, rotary nozzles and spray heads.

2.  Drip emitters: This mini-irrigation system is ideal for flowerbeds, vegetable gardens and container plants. Tiny holes slowly emit water directly into the soil, so plant roots get the water that they need.

Drip emitters save water and your client’s plant investment because the plants are getting the right amount of water for a set time. The drip emitters deliver water at the root zone where it’s most needed.

3.  Bubblers: These sprinklers flood an area that has trees, shrubs or ground cover. Bubblers conserve water because they deliver a set amount of water directly to the landscaped area.

You can’t water shrubs, trees and ground cover efficiently with pop-up sprinklers. Instead, bubblers target a specific area, so the water percolates directly at the trees and shrubs’ root zones.

There are four types of bubblers:
-Adjustable flood bubblers
-Non-adjustable flood bubblers
-Stream bubblers

Three Types of Water Sprinklers to Irrigate Lawns, Landscapes and Gardens

After you know what type of irrigation body your customer needs on his/her property, it’s time to find the right water sprinklers. There are three types of water sprinklers to choose from

1.  Fixed spray heads: This water sprinkler is exactly what the name says—it’s
fixed. Your spray head pops up out of the ground, and water fans out over a specified area until it meets with the next spray head.

You can space these heads about 18’ to 30’ apart. However, make sure you have enough water pressure to reach the outer edges of your spray heads.

2.  Rotors: Rotors come in several types depending on lawn size and watering needs. At their most basic, rotors emit a stream of water back and forth in a set space.

These new rotors send out one to two streams of water at one time making them more efficient since they cover a large area.

Gear-driven rotors are replacing traditional rotors. Gear-driven rotors are quieter and smaller than traditional ones. They also require less maintenance.

3.  Rotary or rotator nozzles: These nozzles are called spray heads too. They connect with a smaller spray head on a pop-up irrigation system. Rotator nozzles are smaller than regular rotors and are very popular right now because

•They’re less expensive
•They’re more efficient than traditional spray heads
•They produce less mist
•They quickly replace traditional spray heads
•Depending on the brand, their radius is between 15’ to 34’.

How K-Rain Provides the Best Water Sprinklers for Irrigation

As an irrigation contractor, you want reliable, cutting-edge water sprinklers to install on your customers’ properties. We have a wide variety of spray heads, rotors and rotator nozzles to meet every property’s watering needs.

For contractors, we have a new K-Rain Premier Contractor program. Our contractor program allows you to get a rebate every time you buy a qualifying K-Rain product from an authorized K-Rain distributor.

In addition to your rebate, you also get homeowner referrals and access to free online marketing tools. Enroll your contracting company today!

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