How to Include Sports Field Irrigation into Your Sprinkler System Business

Friday, January 28, 2022

If you’re interested in designing irrigation systems for sports fields, K-Rain can help you add that niche to your company’s services. You can work solely on sports field irrigation design, or you can add it to your business’ other service offerings.

Sport Field Design

Why You Want to Add Sports Field Irrigation

Depending on where you live, adding sports field irrigation design into your sprinkler contracting business can be lucrative.

Here are seven reasons why you want to design sprinkler systems for sports fields:

1.  You love sports. If you love watching college or professional football or baseball, you can contribute to the love of the game by designing efficient sprinklers for local teams.
2.  You promote youth sports. Little League and other youth sports use turf fields. You can contribute to the success of these sports by using your design and build talents.
3.  It’s profitable. If you can show your sales prospects how an in-ground irrigation system saves them money and time compared to a portable irrigation unit, you could make a lot of money.

4.  You’re providing an efficient watering option. Sports fields get a lot of foot traffic. Turf needs to be green and dense. Teach your sales prospects how they can efficiently water their grass with an in-ground irrigation system.
5.  Synthetic turf needs regular irrigation. Even though fake grass doesn’t need water to live, an in-ground irrigation system is efficient to cool off its surface before the big game.
6.  It diversifies your contracting company. If you want to grow your business, expand it by including sports field sprinkler design. If you also provide sprinkler system maintenance, blowouts, and spring start-ups, you can stay busy for most of the year.
7.  You can specialize in sports field irrigation design. Conversely, if you only want to work with sports field design, you can create a profitable company solely on designing athletic fields across the U.S. and Canada.

How to Include Sports Field Irrigation Design in Your Sprinkler System Company

If you understand that sports fields have unique watering needs, you can create a niche service. Sports field sprinkler design requires you to delicately balance between water conservation and sports turf’s nutrient needs.

Here are some other tips for including athletic field sprinkler design into your contracting business:

  • Know site-specific needs of sports field design for your region. Site specifics include soil texture, upcoming games, and the weather.
  • Convince sports field managers that it’s more cost-effective to invest in an in-ground sprinkler system. They won’t have to lug out water reels to irrigate a football or baseball field right before the day of a game.
  • Demonstrate how an in-ground system’s efficiency protects athletes from injuries, improves playing conditions, improves turf aesthetics, and provides safer sports turf.
  • Upsell your sprinkler maintenance packages. Again, sell your irrigation products and services based on water efficiency and money-savings.
  • Sell your sprinkler system design by demonstrating how sprinkler zones appropriately water the sports field based on turf needs.

How K-Rain Supports Your Sports Field Irrigation Design Company

At K-Rain, we provide irrigation designers with CAD Detail drawings that they can upload and include with their sprinkler designs. Our sports field irrigation designs contain design criteria for water source and head layouts.

We encourage you to use our ProSport and RPS 75i gear-driven rotors for your field irrigation design. You’ll find these two rotors will deliver efficient water to different zones on your athletic field.

We have CAD Detail drawings for the following sports fields: (PDF versions)

If you’re looking for K-Rain sprinkler products for your contracting company, you can visit our website for more details or visit one of our authorized K-Rain distributors.

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