How to Become a Certified Irrigation Contractor

Friday, February 22, 2019
When you become a Certified Irrigation Contractor, you can upsell your landscaping services to include maintaining and installing sprinkler systems.


5 Reasons to Become a Lawn Care and Landscape Sprinkler System Contractor

If you love what you do, have a passion for plant health care and vibrant lawns, then you want to add Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) after your name. Here are five reasons why you want to invest time and money into becoming a CIC:

1.  It’s an excellent way to expand your contracting business. If you’re already providing lawn and landscape services, then taking the CIC exam is the next step to grow your business.

2.  Your CIC will give you added credibility to your customers and sales prospects. Your customers and sales prospects will think that you’re serious about the lawn care and landscaping needs of the community. Your sales prospects will trust you quicker than your competitors because you invested in your continuing education.

3.  You can upsell more lawn care and landscaping services to your existing clients. When you earn your CIC, you can install and maintain irrigation systems as well as providing opening and closing services at the beginning and end of the growing season.

4.  You gain a competitive edge with your CIC. Since you’re adding sprinkler system installation and maintenance to your services, you’ll attract more customers who want a full lawn care and landscape package with one company.

5.  When you become a Certified Irrigation Contractor, you’re showing your service area that you care about the best water management practices.

After you become certified, you can complete the following jobs for your customers according to the Irrigation Association (IA):

1.  You’ll be able to install a complete irrigation system as well as make sure the system meets all of the design’s specifications and requirements.

2.  You’ll be able to layout, stake, bore, trench, grade and backfill a property during a complete sprinkler installation project.  And you’ll learn and be efficient regarding: 
  • Backflow parts
  • Electric, hydraulic and mechanical sprinkler system controls
  • Other systems and parts within an irrigation system

3.  You’ll cut and join piping and water delivery parts. You’ll understand different piping systems and how they work in a sprinkler system.

4.  You’ll diagnose and fix lawn sprinkler parts and systems.

5.  You’ll apply sound business practices such as understanding construction contracts. Part of sound business practices includes understanding construction laws and rights as well as your state’s licensing and codes.

6.  You’ll be eligible for theEPA’s WaterSense Program.

6 Steps to Become an Irrigation System Contractor

The IA states that irrigation system contractors should currently own a landscaping, lawn care or contracting business. After you receive your irrigation certificate, you’ll be able to include contracting or subcontracting services to install, repair and maintain sprinkler systems.

Here are the six steps to becoming CIC:
1.  You possess three years of irrigation-related experience.

2.  Sign up and prepare for the 3 ½-hour certification exam.

3.  Prepare to understand and explain questions focusing on:
  • Irrigation system design, sprinkler system installation and sprinkler system scheduling
  • Water management and conservation
  • Sprinkler system maintenance and repair
  • Federal laws and codes
  • General business management.

4.  After you receive your certification, prepare to keep up with the newest irrigation technology and other sprinkler system developments

5.  Agree and follow IA’s Code of Ethics

6.  Plan to keep your CIC current by following IA’s CEU requirements.

How K-Rain Helps You Grow Your Sprinkler System Contracting Company

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