Property Managers: 6 Benefits Sprinkler Systems & Driplines Give Your Commercial Property

Monday, April 4, 2022

As a property manager for a strip mall, multifamily units, or a medical facility, you have many areas to manage. When you hire a landscape contractor, who is a certified irrigation contractor (CIC), you can cross outdoor lawn and landscape maintenance off your list.

Commerical Property

Indeed, you’ll relax knowing that your professional landscaper will take care of the commercial lawn and landscaped areas, including maintaining the in-ground sprinkler system.

If you’re on your HOA’s board, a landscape professional with a CIC will keep your community looking its best while complying with strict water use codes.

And HOA community members will appreciate only working with one contractor who makes their properties look beautiful and takes care of the irrigation products that contribute to healthy lawns and beds.

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6 Benefits for Installing an In-Ground Sprinkler System and Driplines on Your Commercial Properties

An underground lawn sprinkler system will keep your commercial property’s lawn looking lush and healthy. You can program your commercial sprinkler system to go off at certain times of the day.

Here are six additional benefits for commercial in-ground sprinkler systems and driplines:

1.  It provides consistent water throughout your entire property. One area won’t get more water while the other side of the property lacks sufficient irrigating.

2.  When you hire a landscape contractor to care for your entire property, you’re ensured that they will place your landscaped plants in hydrozones.

Hydrozone landscaping puts plants that need a lot of water in one area and those that don’t need as much water in another place.

3.  You’ll save water even though there’s a large investment upfront. Over time, you’ll see your water bills lower while keeping your commercial property attractive.

4.  Add sensors, and conserve even more water and electricity. When you add moisture and weather sensors, the lawn sprinkler system automatically shuts off, saving you money on your utility bills and using less water.

5.  Add Bluetooth capability. When you add Bluetooth technology, you can program and control your commercial property’s sprinkler systems no matter where you are.

6.  Add driplines and bubblers to your landscaped areas.Dripline irrigation slowly waters your flowerbeds with large water drops. Plus, commercial driplines direct water to the roots and keeps stems and leaves dry.

Bubblers work well with groundcovers, trees, and shrubs on your commercial property. Your trees, shrubs, and groundcovers need regular watering at the root line to keep them healthy and free from fungal diseases.

A Quick Word about Reclaimed Water

Many commercial properties can safely use reclaimed water with their commercial irrigation systems. Reclaimed water is called water recycling which includes a highly engineered, multi-step treatment process.

Across the globe, turf areas using reclaimed water need to use spray heads and other irrigation parts with purple caps. These purple caps differentiate reclaimed water from regular city water.

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At K-Rain, we design our RCW series for reclaimed water systems. Its flexible design comes with a wide selection of nozzles guaranteeing matched precipitation.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Commercial Sprinkler System Working for a Long Time

Since an in-ground irrigation system is a significant investment, you want to keep it working efficiently for years to come.

You can keep your lawn sprinkler system working for years to come when your certified landscape contractor maintains your commercial irrigation system for you. Here are five practices that your certified irrigation contractor can do for you:

1.  Perform a water audit to ensure that your entire property gets even watering from your commercial lawn sprinkler system.

2.  If you have a maintenance program set up with your landscape contractor, they’ll perform monthly wet checks where they’ll walk your property looking for any water leaks.

During the monthly wet checks, your contractor will also clean out and fix any broken spray heads.

3.  Your contractor should adjust your water output per season. For example, your commercial property doesn’t need as much water during fall and spring as it does during the summer. Turning back seasonal water usage will save you money and water simultaneously.

4.  Your contractor should close out your commercial irrigation system before winter freezes and open it back up in the spring.

Your contractor should also do a last wet check, ensuring that no lines are leaking and every spray head is cleaned out for the winter.

5.  If you have an older outdoor irrigation system, your certified irrigation contractor should be able to recalibrate it with weather sensors, Bluetooth technology, and other water-saving features.

You don’t have to start with a new irrigation system if you have an older model. Instead, call your local certified irrigation contractor to evaluate your current system and recalibrate it with newer technology.

How K-Rain Commercial Irrigation Systems Keep Your Property’s Turf and Landscaping Looking Their Best

A first impression is all it takes for your customers and leads to making a judgment about your company or housing facility.

Wow them with a gorgeous commercial property when you use a K-Rain sprinkler system to keep your turf green and your landscape popping with color.

You can find manuals for K-Rain sprinkler systems on our website. If you’re new to outdoor sprinkler systems, you can find a contractor for designing and installing your K-Rain irrigation system.

If you have any questions about your K-Rain outdoor lawn sprinkler, call our customer service at 800-735-7246 or fill out our contact form.

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