4 Different Lawn Sprinkler Nozzles

Monday, June 8, 2020

Have you heard about the different types of nozzles available for in-ground sprinkler systems? If not, you’re missing important information that can save water and money at the same time.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about

  • Why you need to know about the different types of lawn sprinkler nozzles.
  • What are the different types of sprinkler heads for lawn and landscape?
  • Taking care of your different types of yard sprinkler heads.
Fixed Nozzles

Why You Need to Know about the Different Types of Lawn Sprinkler Nozzles

If you’re passionate about a beautiful lawn and landscape, you need to know the different kinds of sprinklers available. Each nozzle serves a unique purpose for your property.

Plus, different types of sprinkler heads perform better as well as conserve water and money at the same time.

Meanwhile, using the wrong sprinkler nozzle—including the wrong size and spray pattern—will waste water and cost you in your utility bills.

Here are three reasons why you need to know the different types of sprinkler system heads:

1.  As it’s stated above, you want to save money on your electric and water bills. Having the right sprinkler nozzle at the right spot will use less electricity and conserve water.

2.  You’ll water your lawn and landscape more efficiently with the correct sprinkler head or rotary nozzle hooked up to your system. Plus, bubblers and driplines will efficiently water your flowerbeds, planters, and other landscaped areas.

Divide your property into hydrozones based on your plants’ watering needs. For example, your sloping lawn and the shady parts of your property have different watering needs. The right rotary head or nozzle will deliver the right amount of water for each hydrozone.

3.  Since water pressure varies significantly in different parts of your property, the correct sprinkler heads will match the water pressure that’s available in each zone.

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What Are The Different Types of Sprinkler Heads for Lawn and Landscape?

Sprinkler heads will vary depending on your property’s hydrozones.

Take your time as you investigate the different sprinkler heads available on the market. You also need to measure your property, test the water pressure, and group your landscape plants together by hydrozone.

The sprinkler body and head make up the spray head. Chose sprinkler heads based on their spray pattern and how many streams of water emit from them. Here are those four types of sprinkler heads for you:

1.  Fixed Nozzles: A fixed nozzle means what it says—it’s stationary. It doesn’t turn but comes in different arcs. For example, K-Rain’s fixed nozzles come in
Full circle
Three-quarter circle
Half circle
Quarter circle
End strip.

Fixed spray heads come in different sizes based on how far they emit water. At K-Rain, our fixed nozzles will reach 12 ft. to 15 ft.

2.  Rotary Nozzle Sprinkler Heads: K-Rain’s rotary nozzle spray heads come in a variety of sizes to meet your property’s watering needs. If you have a large yard, rotary sprinkler heads are a good choice.

Sometimes called gear-driven nozzles, you have a choice of radius and turn degrees with our K-Rain rotary nozzles. Our rotary nozzles will pop up and go back into the ground.

Our rotary nozzles emit water slowly, so there is less run-off and overspray. Plus, our rotary sprinkler heads work well for sloping lawns as well as large yards. Our rotary nozzles operate at a water pressure of 45 – 50 psi.

K-Rain’s rotary sprinkler heads are easy to install and efficient with adjustable water turrets that rotate side-by-side or in a continuous 360° turn.

Tree Bubblers and Driplines: At K-Rain, we carry tree bubblers that deliver the right amount of water at the tree’s base at the right time. Our tree bubblers are perfect for trees and large shrubs’ watering needs by distributing water directly to the plant’s root system.

At K-Rain, our tree bubblers come with different flow rates that deliver consistent water flow using less water pressure. Our tree bubblers’ operating pressure ranges from 20 – 50 psi. The bubblers have an umbrella spray pattern.

Our K-Rain driplines provide efficient watering for your planters, flowerbeds, and other non-turf areas. There is no overspray or run-off from our dripline products.

At K-Rain, we design our driplines using high-quality resin to make a durable product. Our check valve feature prevents water from draining at lower elevations, as well as protects drip emitters from funneling in small particles and debris at the end of each irrigation cycle.

4.  Sprinkler Spray Bodies: K-Rain’s sprinkler spray bodies are also known as pop-up sprinkler heads, sprinkler heads, or sprinklers. Our sprinkler spray bodies work best in irrigating smaller areas, such as ground covers and small shrubs.

K-Rain’s sprinkler heads are made to last with heavy-duty wiper seals and tough construction that prevents spray head leaks.

Taking Care of Your Different Types of Yard Sprinkler Heads

You do need to maintain your sprinkler heads and sprinkler system. A monthly inspection ensures that

  • Spray heads are popping up
  • Spray heads are clear of dirt, debris, and grass
  • No broken water lines are leaking in your yard.

If you live in the northern half of the United States or Canada, you’ll also have to blow out your in-ground irrigation system in the fall.

You need to clear all water from the lines before temperatures drop to 32°F. Also, you’ll need to turn on your irrigation system again in the spring. You may want a K-Rain irrigation contractor to help you with fall blowouts and spring start-ups.

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Why You Need a K-Rain Sprinkler System

While there are many different types of lawn sprinkler systems available for homeowners, you’ll never go wrong with a K-Rain sprinkler system.

You can find a local landscape contractor to install your K-Rain irrigation system, or you can buy K-Rain irrigation products at Lowes or The Home Depot near you. You can also find your K-Rain products at our online store.


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