Green Products and Water Conservation

Water Conservation Howner
Benefits of using reclaimed water for irrigation include:
  • Costs less than drinking water.
  • Reduces stress on drinking water supplies.
  • Reduces sewer treatment costs through reduced household water usage.
  • Reduces fertilizer use, as some nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus remain after the recycling process.
  • Reduces gray water disposal into waterways, which can help reduce nutrient loads in bays and rivers. These nutrients facilitate algae overgrowth, robbing the water of oxygen and killing indigenous fish and other marine wildlife.
Rotors, Sprays and Distribution Valves for use with Reclaimed Water:
The process of reclaiming water, sometimes called “water recycling”, involves a highly engineered, multi-step treatment process that speeds up nature's restoration of water. Reclaimed water can come from the following sources:
  • Reclaimed wastewater – gray water processed off-site and provided through the local municipality for irrigation purposes.
  • On-site wastewater – derived from domestic wastewater or ‘gray water’ and processed through an on-site wastewater treatment system for irrigation purposes.
  • Storm water – derived directly from ponds, canals, etc. for irrigation purposes.
K-Rain is the leading manufacturer of Rotors, Sprays and Distribution Valves for the reclaimed water industry.