Valve Boxes

Valve Boxes
New Valve Boxes
K-Rain valve boxes are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and are engineered to be low maintenance, safe and long-lasting. Additionally, HDPE has excellent resistance to naturally occurring chemicals found in soil.


  • VB60 K-Rain Round Valve Box 6X9 inches (Box Black, Lid Green) 
  • VB101 K-Rain Round Valve Box 10X10 inches (Box Green, Lid Green) 
  • VB121 K-Rain Valve Box 12x17x12 inches Deep (Box Green, Lid Green) 
  • VB121-X K-Rain Valve Extension 12x17x6 inches Deep (Box Green, Lid Green) 
  • VB151 K-Rain Valve Box 15x21x12 inches Deep (Box Green, Lid Green)
  • VB151-X K-Rain Valve Extension 15x21x6 inches Deep (Box Green, Lid Green)