RPS™ 624 Irrigation System Controller

RPS™ 624 Irrigation System Controller
A truly versatile controller. RPS™ 624 offers the latest in micro-processor technology and exclusive low energy, high-output toroidal transformer.

Advanced features include current sensing and station skip with fault indication, and a real time clock maintains time in power outages.


  • 24 Station Models Available
  • 6 Fully Independent Programs – Up to 4 separate start times per program. Max. 24 starts per day.
  • Permanent Memory – Saves programs during power outages.
  • 7 Day Watering Cycle – Individual day selection, odd/even date selection or interval watering.
  • Rain sensor and rain/freeze sensor ready – Allows automated operation to be controlled by sensor.
  • Rain Off – Suspends watering during winter while retaining the time and programmed information.
  • Flexible Manual Operation – Choose from automatic, semi-automatic and single station manual.
  • System Test Feature.
  • Water Budget – Quick adjustment of watering durations in 10% increments, up to 200%.
  • Master Valve/Pump Start.
  • Second Programmable Pump – Available for dual water supply, fertigation or filtration control.
  • Large Blue and White Backlit LCD – Easy to read, with “No AC” indicator on LCD when power is out.
  • Current sensing – On individual stations and faulty station skip feature.
  • Low Energy Micro-processor – Ensures long battery life.
  • Outdoor Case – Lockable and waterproof.
  • Audio Feedback – On key press and alarm.

  • 3924 24 Station, 110 Volt Internal Transformer
  • 3924-220 24 Station, 220 Volt Internal Transformer