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K-Rain Manufacturing releases stainless steel SiteMaster™ 2-Wire Decoder Controller

Friday, November 20, 2020
K-Rain Manufacturing announces the global release of their new 2-wire irrigation controller in stainless steel cabinetry.

Following the recent August release of the Sitemaster 2-Wire Decoder Controller, the product is now available in a stainless-steel cabinet or on a stainless-steel pedestal.


“After our successful test market launch, the demand for a stainless-steel model was too significant to delay”, says Rick Hall, Market Development Director for the company.  “The market both nationally and domestically was clamoring for the K-Rain product.”

The SiteMaster offers a 99-zone capability and is designed for large commercial, industrial and residential irrigation sites.  Unlike a conventional controller, the SiteMaster uses a single 2-wire communication path and addressable decoders to control valves, pump starts and flow sensors.  The advantage is a higher zone/station capacity and decoders can be placed at great distances away from the controller – up to 2.8 miles away with a fully loaded 99 zone system.  The result is savings on wire and installation labor since all the valves share the same two wire path.

“Easy set up and advanced diagnostics are what set the SiteMaster apart,” according to Chip Kah, K-Rain President, “The large display screen, full keyboard and an easy programming dial make setting and operating the SiteMaster simple and intuitive.”

The K-Rain SiteMaster 2-Wire Decoder Controller is available both domestically and in 60 countries worldwide. 

About K-Rain Manufacturing
A privately held company located in Riviera Beach, K-Rain is the 4th largest manufacturer of irrigation products in the world and is leading the industry in the development of rotor and nozzle engineering.