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K-Rain Introduces New Wired & Wireless Rain & Rain/Freeze Sensors

Thursday, June 29, 2017
The K-Rain Rain/Freeze and Rain Sensors will turn your irrigation controller into an expert water manager by efficiently suspending watering during rain and/or freeze conditions.  After a set amount of rain has fallen and/or freezing temperatures exist (for models with freeze sensor), the sensor will trigger the controller to suspend watering.

The Freeze sensor option interrupts your sprinklers automatically and reduces the hazards of standing water freezing on your driveway, sidewalks, and patios when temperatures drop below 37°F [3°C].

Once the rain sensor has dried sufficiently, or the temperature has risen above 37°F [3°C] for Freeze sensor models, the sensor allows normal sprinkler operation. The Rain and Rain Freeze sensors are compatible with most controllers on the market; they will not work with open circuit timers.

The Sensors are engineered with a high-quality, UV resistant polymer to withstand harsh outdoor exposure. All sensors are maintenance free without batteries to replace providing peace of mind. The sturdy aluminum bracket provides flexible installation with standard flat and gutter mounting.

Product Information:
3208-HRS                    Hardwired Rain Sensor
3208-HRFS                  Hardwired Rain-Freeze Sensor
3208-WRFS                 Wireless Rain-Freeze Sensor, for Pro EX 2.0 Wi-Fi
3208-WRFS-KIT          Wireless Rain-Freeze Sensor, for Pro EX 2.0 Wi-Fi with RF Module
                                    (for Wi-Fi Enabled Pro EX 2.0)

With the introduction of these new models, the R200 Rain Sensor is discontinued.