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BL-KR App Version 3.0 brings major changes in functionality & capabilities

Thursday, January 25, 2018
K-Rain released Version 3.0 of the BL-KR application. The new application has a fresh look, as well as advanced capabilities:
  • New user interface (includes support for Split Screen on iPad when available)
  • Added data synchronization of BL-KR and BL-24 on the web platform (creation of a free account required)
  • Added the ability to create backups for controller’s data (free account required)
  • Added the ability to save programmers' geolocation in the application
  • Software updates for BL-KR (version 5.1.2) and BL-24 (version 5.1.4)
  • Products Affected: BL-KR 1, 2, 4 & 6 Station Battery Powered Controllers & BL-24 4,6,9,& 12 Station 110/220V Controllers
Once the BLKR App version 3.0 has been installed (or 2.1.1 has been updated) on the smartphone or tablet, the update process is simple using in-app prompts:

  • BLKR Version 3.0 App will attempt to connect to your controller via smartphone or tablet.
  • Once your smartphone or tablet connects to the controller, it will prompt the user with a message that an update is required.
  • The App screen will indicate it is updating first, then show the update status with a progress icon.
  • Finally, it will indicate that it is connecting to the updated device so you can program the controller.
BL-KR App Screens


Updated BL-KR or BL-24s will not work with BL-KR APP version 2.1.1 or lower.

BL-KR APP Versions 2.1.1 or lower will either crash when trying to connect, OR will connect momentarily, then drop the connection.

The user needs to update to the latest version of the APP by enabling auto updates, or going to the App Store or Google Play Store and updating the BL-KR App to Version 3.0.

Please direct all questions or concerns to