Flow Sensor

Flow Sensor
For use with PRO EX 2.0 WiFi and SiteMaster controllers to monitor,
control and react to real time water flow conditions.

Key Features
  • HI/LO Flow Limits
    • Using the HI/LO flow limits feature allows you to fine tune your flow sensing. Setting these limits helps in diagnosing or pinpointing where you may have a water management issue, a line break, a broken head or even a clogged line.
  • Flow History
    • The flow history function allows the user to view one week’s worth of stored flow data. It will show how much water was used on each station for each day of the week. If there are several run times in one day, it will total them for the day.

  • FS735-10 Flow Sensor, 1" Assembly (T, collar and 735 Sensor)
  • FS228-15 Flow Sensor, 1-1/2" Complete Assembly
  • FS228-20 Flow Sensor, 2" Complete Assembly
  • FS228-30 Flow Sensor, 3" Complete Assembly
  • FS228-40 Flow Sensor, 3" Complete Assembly