Water Efficiency

Rotor Sprinklers
"Set It and Forget It” Arc Memory Clutch:
ProPlus, SuperPro, K2 Smartset,ProSport models come equipped with an arc memory clutch system that prevents tampering with or accidentally changing the arc setting. Arc memory clutch returns the head to its pre-set pattern every time, preventing unintentional waste by watering of hardscapes, sidewalks and streets.

Continuous 360° Rotation:
ProPlus, SuperPro, K2 Smartset, ProSport models rotate in a continuous 360° pattern, preventing overlapping spray and water waste.

Check Valves:
Check valves are available for the MiniPro, ProPlus, SuperPro, ProSport, and RPS75 to prevent water losses and inefficiencies through low head drainage.

Precise Arc Adjustment:
All K-Rain rotors offer a full range adjustment feature, anywhere between 30° to 360°, so water is precisely applied only where needed.

Low Angle Nozzles:
Select K-Rain rotors come with low angle nozzles included to reduce water loss due to wind drift.

Irrigation system controllers provide you superior value, ease of programming and water saving technology. All K-Rain programable controllers are RAIN SENSOR READY, accepting most rain sensors and controlled by a bypass switch.

Rain Sensor Ready:
Our irrigation controllers accept a rain sensor signal directly and can be armed independently for each station. This feature prevents automatic watering during rainfall or wet conditions which conserves water, money and energy.

K-Rain Rain Sensor:
With sensitivity settings of 1/8" to 3/4", our Rain Sensor eliminates watering during rainfall or wet conditions by sending a signal to a central controller that prevents scheduled automatic watering.

Pressure Regulation for Pro-S Product Line:
The pressure regulation product option for Pro-S 4”, 6” and 12” Pop-Up Sprays allows for even distribution of water in zones with multiple spray heads. This feature maintains efficient pressure at 30 PSI despite variations in system pressure.

Check Valves:
Check valves are available for the K-Sprays and Pro-S Sprays to prevent water losses and inefficiencies through low head drainage.

Rotary Nozzles:
K-Rain's family of Rotary Nozzles provides increased uniform coverage vs. conventional fixed pattern spray nozzles while delivering matched precipitation for maximum water efficiency.

Special Pattern Spray Nozzles:
All models of K-Rain sprays can be purchased with special pattern nozzles that prevent unintended spray outside the coverage area.

Heavy-Duty Wiper Seals:
All models of K-Rain sprays come standard with heavy-duty wiper or cartridge seals to eliminate leaks during operation.

Biodegradable Flush Cap:
All models of K-Rain sprays come equipped with a flush cap containing EcoPure biodegradable additive. After the flush cap has completed its useful life during system start-up, it can be put into a landfill or a compost facility where it will break down into organic compounds.