Rotores para contratista

La línea completa de aspersores de rotor residenciales y comerciales de K-Rain establece el estándar de la industria en cuanto a rendimiento, confiabilidad, versatilidad, facilidad de instalación y uso. Equipados con características innovadoras y opciones patentadas de uso eficiente del agua, los rociadores de rotor K-Rain cubren todas las aplicaciones. ¡Un riego más inteligente para un mundo más verde!

Rotary sprinklers or gear driven rotors as they are known, are in-ground sprinklers that are installed in the lawn and pop up at a designated time, usually cycling their way through the yard to provide complete coverage. Rotors are a great choice for medium to large areas of turf and ideal for slow-draining and sloped landscapes because they deliver water slower than spray heads. That means there is simply less water run-off and wasted water.  They have a higher optimal operating water pressure between 45 and 50 psi than sprays and they have a precipitation rate between 0.5 and 1 inch per hour.

K-Rain® rotors are recognized worldwide for their reliability, ease of use and superior uniformity in coverage. Our sprinkler heads provide an efficient stream of water and have adjustable turrets that rotate from side-to-side or, depending on the model, a continuous 360 degrees. Available in ½”, ¾” & 1” inlet sizes providing different radius ranges for various lawn and plant needs, the zone performance in with K-Rain rotors is unmatched in eliminating dry spots.

1⁄2" inlet
  • MiniPro – Perfect for small lawn areas and replacing fixed spray zones. Patented top arc set. Available in 4", 6" and 12".
  • RPS 50 – Designed for smaller areas with a wide selection of nozzles. PGJ equivalent with same Right Start Arc Adjustment. Available in 4"

3⁄4" inlet
  • RPS 75 – The workhorse of the line, this right position start rotor is ideal for low flow applications and fits into the competitor can.
  • RPS 75i – Patented Intelligent Flow Technology® allows distance and flow to be reduced simultaneously and proportionately up to 50%. Available in high performance plastic or stainless steel.
  • RPS Select – Four built-in selectable nozzles means you never have to remove a nozzle. Adjust from the top.
  • ProPlus – Excellent nozzle performance and exceptional fall out pattern deliver up to 90% uniform coverage. Best in its class.
  • SuperPro – Allows distance and flow to be reduced simultaneously and proportionately. Adjustable from 40° to continuous 360°.

1" inlet
  • ProSport – Designed specifically for sports turf with head spacing from 40' to 65' and available in a high speed model.