Controladores de irrigación

La familia de controladores de riego de K-Rain ofrece programación fácil, tecnología de ahorro de agua y mas ventajas. Todos los controladores de riego K-Rain están LISTOS PARA EL SENSOR DE LLUVIA, aceptan la mayoría de los sensores de lluvia y se desarrollan sobre tecnología patentada.
K-Rain's family of irrigation controllers provide easy programming, water saving technology and value. Our irrigation controllers offer features and benefits that fit residential or commerical landscape irrigation system needs.  Irrigation controllers can also be called controller timer, irrigation timers and come in indoor or outdoor models.

What does an irrigation controller do? An irrigation controller, or timer, is a piece of equipment to operate automatic irrigation systems such as lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. Most controllers have a means of setting the frequency such as days of week, the start time, and the duration of watering.

Manually watering your lawn is not effective and can waste water. You must remember to rotate the hose-end sprinkler to a different part of the yard every 15-30 minutes. Automated sprinkler timers and controllers are a great solution to saving time and water. Irrigation controllers can support a varying number of zones, modules, and sensor devices. Smart irrigation controllers take this a step further to view your local weather forecast, preventing watering when it's wasteful or inefficient.

Irrigation Controller technology has advanced in recent years.  We now have a line of products that are battery powered and controlled through our mobile applications.  A battery powered irrigation controller is ideal for isolate sites, power-restricted areas and hard to reach tap areas.  They are placed in a valve box and programmed by your smart phone.