How Women-Owned Landscaping Companies Are Changing the Landscape Industry

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2022

Landscaping and lawn care have been an all-male domain for a long time. But not anymore.

Women in landscaping have become a movement by many women-owned lawn care and landscaping businesses.

Data records from 2020 (the latest statistics available) show that 9.86% of landscapers were women, which is a jump from the 2014 stat of 8.43%.

Women in Landscaping

Can Women Be Landscapers?

Of course, women can be landscapers. Female landscapers work in the field and serve as CEOs, founders, and business partners.

Learn more: 5 Things You Need to Know About Women Landscapers

Women drive snowplows, work with customers, prune trees, and mow lawns. The landscaping and lawn care industry doesn’t hold women back but propels them forward.

However, women must forge ahead to create their own green industry companies or make a mark on a lawn and landscape company. The green industry is still male-dominated, but it’s evolving to include more women among its ranks.

Women are involved in all levels of a landscaping company, including

  • Franchising
  • Landscape Artistry
  • Landscape Design
  • Software Development
  • Specialized Lawn and Landscaping
  • Top-quality Lawn Care.

Female Landscaping Companies

Who are these female movers and shakers in the landscaping world? Women in landscaping lead successful green industry companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Here are nine women who own or lead female landscaping companies:

  • Linda Nelson started Greenscapes, where she’s the president. Linda also won the Women in the Green Industry Award in 2022.
  • Savanaha Spencer co-owns Spencer Lawn Care in Ohio with Shawn, her husband. Savanaha is known as the Trimming Queen to her customers, although she expertly handles other lawn equipment next to her husband.
  • Ramona Mullins owns Mullins Lawn Enforcement. Like many moms, Ramona needed to juggle her children’s school schedules while helping with the family income during her husband’s deployment overseas. Her lawn care company allowed her that flexibility.
  • Kristy Boase owns MIL-SPEC Landscaping alongside her husband, Brian. Kristy enjoys designing and installing beautiful landscapes.
  • Jennifer Lemcke is the CEO of Weed Man, Mosquito Hero, & TurfBot. Jennifer has held been Weed Man’s CEO for nearly 30 years!
  • Angela Howes has been the Branch Manager and Partner of Ruppert Landscape in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area in North Carolina since 2016.
  • Chequita McCullough has been the Senior Leader & Consultant for the past six years at BrightView Landscapes in San Jose, California. She is also a published writer.

As you can see, women are shaking up the landscaping industry by becoming leaders and business owners. They bring to the table strength, determination, and grit.

Support Women-Owned Business by Searching for “Female Landscaping Near Me”

You can support your local women-owned, green industry business by searching “Female Landscaping Near Me” in your favorite search engine.

You can visit the Women in Landscape Network to learn more about females in landscaping. This group is part of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, and its mission is to

  • Advocate, connect, and empower women in the landscape and lawn industry
  • Be change agents to recruit and keep professional women in the industry
  • Magnify women leaders’ voices in the green industry.

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