Stand Out In Today’s Housing Market With A Sprinkler System

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2022
In a highly saturated housing market, make your property stand out from the crowd by installing a sprinkler system that can save time, money, and reduce water usage. Real estate experts exclaim, “sell your home, buy a new home, now is the time”. Just like gravity, what goes up must eventually come down – and the rule applies even to the housing market, unfortunately.
K-Rain Sprinklers in yard

Economic experts state that the housing market will eventually slow down this year after a two-year-long boom. It doesn’t mean people aren’t buying or selling their homes anymore, but as interest rates are rising, transactions are decreasing.

Although competition is expected to wind down, experts predict we will remain in a seller's market; where more housing supply will hit the market. This is important because as more houses are being listed on the market, it’s important to remain competitive and that begins with a first impression. What better way to leave a lasting mark on buyers than with a landscape that stands out, and an outstanding lawn requires an efficient irrigation system.

A Lawn Makes The First Impression Count

In a seller’s market, the seller has the advantage, and homes either sell at or above the asking price. Typically, a home’s value will increase up to double the value in a seller’s market. When listing a home, the seller will want their property to stand out or find a way to increase value. Let’s take it back one step and step into the feet of the buyer.

Oftentimes a home is judged by its curb appeal and part of that is the property's lawn and/or landscape. When a potential buyer sees that the landscape and yard are well-kept it’s a good indication that the inside of the home has also been well-kept.

Someone who takes the time to maintain their yard is likely the same person to make sure every nook and cranny in their home is clean. That is very important when buying a home. A lush green carpet-like lawn with seasonal flowers in bloom and well-trimmed shrubs goes much further than the latter.

Tailored To All Your Irrigation Needs

As previously stated, K-Rain’s line of controllers allows the user to fully customize an irrigation schedule. To take it a step further, an irrigation system can be fully tailored to different areas in a landscape by using different rotors like the K-Rain RPS 75 Rotor. This rotor is designed for residential uses and is ideal for low flow applications.

Whereas, the K-Rain Pop-Up ProPlus Adjustable Rotor is perfect for grasses with thick thatch since it has a pop-up height of 5”.

Both series of rotors allow for even water distribution making the products reliable and durable in design. In fact, K-Rain’s rotors and many of their other products are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Installation Of An Irrigation System Is An Investment That Keeps On Giving

Installing a sprinkler system is a great option for maintaining a well-kept lawn that will save you time and money but also increase value. On average a sprinkler system can cost anywhere between $1-$4K to be installed.

It has been said that an irrigation system has the potential to raise your property value by 9%-20%. For example, in a $250,000 property that can add between $22,500-$50,000 more to its value. That is a huge return on investment on such a small amount to dish out.

There is an immediate value when yard work has been done. It’s like instant gratification when shrubs are trimmed, new mulch is laid, and seasonal flowers are planted.

Investing in your lawn has a higher value than investing in the interior decorations on the inside of a home where design concepts are constantly evolving; plants never go out of style – they only get better with age.

Benefits Of A Sprinkler System

With modern-day technology the consumer wants things and they want it now. One of the benefits of installing an irrigation system is the amount of time it will save from the daily upkeep in a yard. While a home’s landscape can boost curb appeal to a potential buyer, the next concern is how it can be maintained. No one wants to spend an hour watering a hedge every other day.

Advanced in-ground sprinkler systems have capabilities to control your sprinkler system right from your phone, like the K-Rain Bluetooth Controller. These smart controllers view your local weather forecast and determine whether watering will be inefficient or wasteful. Programming is easy with a few taps on a phone or tablet through Bluetooth communication. K-Rain also manufactures a WiFi capability that will allow the user to control sprinkler settings remotely, which takes all the work out of it.

This can be a great selling point for potential buyers as everyone likes automated things these days. The future buyer doesn’t have to worry about shopping for a controller, digging holes to install it, or finding a professional to help set it up.

Impress the future homeowner with a completely customizable system with features like weather sensors that can detect rain or freeze. Features like this can be the deciding factor for many buyers.

Conserve Water With Customizable Features

Another benefit is decreasing water usage which can lower the water bill and save money. An irrigation system has the ability to save water by watering a precise location with seasonal adjustments. It can also be set for specific times and days of the week; set it and forget it.

Proper watering means the homeowner is not replacing dead plants every season or worrying about patchy grass. Another method to conserve water is setting your sprinkler system to water overnight or before sunrise reducing the rate of evaporation while maximizing absorption.

Ways To Improve Your Landscape With Little To No Budget

  1. Trim edges of trees, shrubs, hedges
  2. Add fresh mulch to garden or flower beds
  3. Cut fresh edges around the lawn
  4. Add texture with rocks and stone to divide beds
  5. Design and install a sprinkler system
K-Rain Sprinkler

If you’re interested in boosting your curb appeal and adding value to your property, find more information about K-Rain sprinkler controllers, rotors, spray bodies, and spray nozzles online at