Spring Sprinkler System Tips for New Homeowners

jueves, 12 de mayo de 2022

New homeowners are faced with a variety of challenges when moving into a new property. With warmer weather upon us, there are specific landscape tactics that every homeowner should be aware of.

A well-developed landscape surrounding your property can provide a sense of comfort, control, and peace. Most homeowners and homebuyers see landscaping as a potential for increased value while also impacting the overall attractiveness of a specific home.

In order to find success when watering your lawn this spring, it’s best to revamp your sprinkler system patterns. Use these tips to find landscaping prosperity by investing in the right sprinkler system for your home.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash


A sprinkler system is a device that applies water to your land while simultaneously controlling the airborne dust and scattered particles.

This device is a series of pumps, pipes, and valves attached to your home’s plumbing system. For residential properties, sprinkler systems come in a variety of sizes, shapes and price tags. Some examples of these devices are drip sprinklers, impact sprinklers, portable sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers and even underground sprinklers.


For new homeowners, there are several different elements to consider when investing in an impactful sprinkler system.

With spring upon us and summer around the corner, it’s essential to maintain your lawn in the heat. Therefore, finding the right system for your property is a necessity. There are several things to consider, including constantly watering your land and prioritizing which areas in your yard need the most hydration.

In order to find the right system for landscape upkeep, you’ll also have to consider which system is best for your property while also promoting longevity to get the most out of the specific system of your choosing.


For the purpose of creating the healthiest lawn possible, you must discover which areas need the most hydration.

It’s important to analyze your landscape to see where your grass is showing signs of gray or discoloration as this most likely means that your grass needs more water. You can also diagnose dead spots by walking on your land. When taking a step or two, check to see if there’s a footmark, if not, this most likely means you should hydrate this area.

Discovering the areas that need the most care is essential when placing the perfect sprinkler system on and around your property. Depending on your climate and lawn’s condition, do your best to gather information about which spots are less exposed to sun or which would benefit from consistent water application.


Sprinkler systems are often more advanced than what new homeowners assume. These devices vary in stature, shape and installation.

When deciding which system is the best fit for your landscape, you should review your land and all of the available options. An important factor to consider in every sprinkler system is the water pressure per square inch (PSI). Once you know the exact characteristics, you can choose amongst the different systems available. According to Kukun, some of these system types include:

Spray system - These provide a misty spray and operate with pressure levels of 20 to 30 PSI, which makes them a seamless fit for small to medium size lawns. Usually, their maximum distance is around 15 ft, so if you live in a windy climate, this may affect your decision.

Rotary system - These types of systems deliver water at a slower speed but have higher PSI levels at over 30 PSI. They cover anywhere from 15ft to 50ft, meaning this device is suited for medium to larger lawns.

Bubbler system - Different than the previous systems, bubbler systems provide large quantities of water at a faster pace, making them more fit for tree basins, shrubs and land near walls and windows.

Drip system - If you have a large lawn space, it’s best to invest in a drip irrigation system instead of strategically placing bubbler systems around your landscape. These specific systems run through tubes that are embedded under the grass while targeting the base of plant roots.

Based on these features, carefully consider which system will best fit your lawn care upkeep.


In order to make the most out of your sprinkler system you must prioritize maintenance. When investing in a new sprinkler system it’s essential to focus on quality and protection.

Installing your system is your first step, if you don’t know where to start, finding the right sprinkler contractor is fundamental. This contractor will create a connection between your sprinkler to your plumbing system and water main supply lines.

As it relates to your geographical location, weather conditions and the season, natural factors can negatively affect the quality of your sprinklers. For example, in winter, it’s best to insulate your irrigation system so your pipes and tubes don’t freeze in the process. Plumbing system failure does happen and it’s best to be prepared as possible.

Ultimately, if your plumbing system is compromised, it’s important to have a back up plan. You can get this type of protection from a home warranty. This policy acts as a middleman between homeowners and professional contractors who can conduct a repair or replacement of your plumbing system. This plan also covers natural wear and tear that can alter the condition of your main water supply including your sprinkler system.

Protect your new sprinkler system by prioritizing upkeep and using a blanket of protection to find peace of mind when investing.


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