Chase Away the Winter Blues with These Outdoor Living Trends for 2022

viernes, 28 de enero de 2022

While the outside temperatures are chilly right now, you can rest assured that spring is around the corner.

Why not cheer yourself up by planning your next landscape project for spring 2022? Then, check out what’s trending for outdoor living this year.

Outdoor Living Trends

What Are Your Outdoor Living Plans for Summer 2022?

This season will be like others throughout the Covid pandemic, with people staying put and enjoying their outdoor space. Folks also want to continue entertaining in their backyards, where it’s safe to relax with family and friends.

However, gas prices will still rise, and there’s lingering inflation from the Covid pandemic. These challenging economic times may motivate you to stay closer to home or even take a staycation.

You can make your home a vacation destination by adding a pool or extending your patio to include an outdoor kitchen or living room. And your swimming pool area can consist of a cabana, changing areas, and a firepit.

Some DIY’ers like to draw up their landscape design during the cold winter months—it’s a great way to chase away the winter blues. Then DIY’ers make their plans and get building permits, so they’re ready to start building as soon as the ground thaws in early spring.

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Why the hurry to get all of the paperwork and design done? So that you can get that pool installed or that outdoor kitchen built by the unofficial start of summer: Memorial Day weekend!

What about you?

Do you have a landscaping project or two that you want to design and start working on in early spring? Then it’s time to see what’s trending in outdoor living.

12 Outdoor Living Trends for 2022

Now’s the time to start brainstorming and drawing up a plan to build your next big outdoor project. Here are 12 outdoor living trends for 2022 for you to consider:

1.  Sync your indoor and outdoor spaces. Many new landscape designs take the indoors and connect them with the outdoor living space. For example, you may want to add French doors leading from your living room to your outdoor fireplace.
The fireplace can be a focal point to see from inside your house. And you can easily walk out of your home straight to your patio with the fireplace.

2.  Build a living space in the shade. You can have more than one patio or outdoor living space. Got a huge oak tree in your backyard? Consider placing an outdoor couch, some lighting (string lights), and multi-functional furniture to create a private space for you and your family.
If you don’t have trees that provide natural shade, consider building a small deck or patio and adding a sail shade to keep the sun at bay.

3.  Got kids? Then, invest in a dedicated backyard space for them. Encourage them to take a break from their devices and go outside. Include a playset, trampoline, or even green space for playing kickball and soccer.

4.  Install an outdoor exercise space for you. If you prefer green grass, bright sunshine, and the sounds of nature when you work out, put in a half basketball court, a tennis court, or a bocce ball court.

5.  Go old-fashion and spruce up your front porch. Homeowners want to connect with their neighbors, and your front porch invites you to connect with others.
Make your front porch inviting by including a swing, room for chairs, and some string lights. Add hanging baskets and potted plants for texture and a punch of color.

6.  Add a hot tub to your backyard or near the pool. After a long day at the office, whether that’s in your home or a building across town, you can still unwind by relaxing in your hot tub. Build a raised deck so that your hot tub has an elevated look.

7.  Want to eat al fresco every day of the week? Outdoor kitchens make summer living an everyday event. If you want your indoor kitchen outdoors, design and build one that includes storage, a clean-up area, a refrigerator, and a pizza oven.

8.  Don’t forget to build a dining area near your outdoor kitchen. It can be a separate room or make your outdoor kitchen bigger to allow seating.

9.  Add concrete furniture to your outdoor living areas. Concrete furniture is trending, and it comes in various colors and styles. It’s weather-resistant as well. You can buy concrete tables, benches, fire pits, and more.

10.  Don’t forget the plants! Planters, hanging baskets, and vertical gardens add color, sweet scents, and privacy. Grow your herb garden in pots and planters near your outdoor kitchen. There’s so much you can do with plants and outdoor living.

11.  Install outdoor lighting. Enjoy the nightlife outside during the summer. You have many options for lighting, such as Edison string lights, pathway lights, and spotlights to highlight trees.

12.  Build a work-from-home space. Since the Covid pandemic, more folks are adding outdoor work-from-home spaces in their backyards. These work-from-home spaces have Wi-Fi and electric hook-up to make outdoor office work possible.

Include a K-Rain Outdoor Sprinkler System with Your Outdoor Living Plans

While you’re planning your next outdoor living space, consider designing and installing a K-Rain dripline for your potted plants and flowerbeds.

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You can find manuals for K-Rain sprinkler systems on our website. If you’re new to outdoor sprinkler systems, you can find a contractor for designing and installing your K-Rain irrigation system.

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