How to Use CAD Detail to Draw an Irrigation System Plan

martes, 30 de noviembre de 2021

At K-Rain, we strive to provide you with only the best CAD Detail renderings of our irrigation products. We make it easy for you to upload our products onto your design program, so you create an efficient sprinkler system for your customers.


Why Use CAD Detail?

CAD Detail and K-Rain make it effortless for you to create sprinkler systems for both residential properties and sports fields.

You can upload designs from us at K-Rain to CAD Detail to create a water-saving sprinkler system.

CAD’s 2D and 3D renderings allow you to create realistic system plans to show your customer. Some of these system plans include:

  • Root zone watering system
  • Tree bubblers and drip irrigation
  • Sub-surface irrigation
  • Valves, heads, wire runs, and other components that go into sprinkler system design.

You can easily give your customer a virtual tour of their future sprinkler system.

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How to Use CAD Detail to Draw a K-Rain Sprinkler System

It’s simple to include K-Rain drawings into your CAD Detail system. Here are five tips to get started with your irrigation system design:

1.  Map the property including site condition, water availability, and use requirements. Also, include slopes, full sun, and shaded areas as well as hydrozones.

2.  Draw up the plan by hand or directly onto CAD Detail including zone locations, slopes, full sun, and shaded areas.

3.  Lay out your system including K-Rain product drawings in your CAD Detail design. At K-Rain, we offer two file formats for each part number in PDF and CAD or only CAD Detail:

  • Irrigation controllers and rain sensors
  • Rotors
  • Pro S Sprays
  • Pro S Sprays with Rotary Nozzles
  • Valves.
4.  As you install the sprinkler system, redline all the changes you make on your drawing. These include:
  • The drawing’s scale such as any measurement changes (including North arrows)
  • The installation date
  • The wire runs and where all of the parts are located on the property.

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5.  Draw the “As-Built” in CAD-Detail. Before you file your design, make any changes that you made during the installation onto the original CAD drawing. Don’t forget to include the specific types and locations of
  • Sprinklers
  • Pipes
  • Valves, sizes, and boxes
  • The controller and sensor locations
  • All wire and connection parts
  • Any underground sleeves.

Share the revised CAD drawing with your contractor and the homeowner. Also, remember to show the homeowner where to turn off the sprinkler system in case of an emergency.

And don’t forget to keep a hard and digital copy of the original and “as is” plans in your files.

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