How to Meet Your Lawn and Garden’s Unique Watering Needs

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2021

Every property has different irrigation needs based on sun, shade, wind direction, and other climate effects.

Plus, most plants do better with infrequent, deep watering. Too much water causes root rot and invites fungal diseases. Too little water causes a plant to stress and be susceptible to insects and diseases.

So, as a homeowner, you need to find that happy middle ground.


How an Outdoor Sprinkler System Meets Your Lawn and Garden’s Unique Watering Needs

You can design and install an outdoor sprinkler system on your own, or you can hire a contractor to do it for you.

When you decide to invest in an outdoor sprinkler system, you’ll first need to organize your property into hydrozones based on sun and watering needs. Realize that the top of slopes (hilly areas) and wide-open spaces will dry faster.

You may also want to install dripline irrigation on the slope’s face to ensure that every plant gets enough water and to avoid erosion. Driplines will also deliver water directly to the root zones of your vegetable plants, flowerbeds, and container gardens.

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Different types of turf have unique watering needs as well. For example, lawn grass in the shade will hold moisture in the soil longer versus grass in full sun.

An in-ground sprinkler system provides your lawn and gardens with consistent water, too.

Bluetooth technology, timers, and moisture sensors will turn on your sprinkler system in the early morning hours—the best time of day with less wind and no sun—to allow water to percolate deep into the soil.

If the ground temperature indicates that the soil is adequately moist, the irrigation system’s moisture sensor signals it to turn off.

Likewise, you can keep the same watering schedule while you’re away from home. Your yard and gardens will have no interruption in their watering schedule—keeping them moist without wasting water due to evaporation or run-off.

Driplines and tree bubblers used in landscaped areas, such as ground covers, trees, shrubs, and flower beds, work the same way as lawn sprinklers. You set the timer and make sure that the moisture sensor works.

Once it’s set, your dripline will turn on during the best hours of the day for watering and deliver water directly to the root system. Since driplines emit larger water droplets that go straight into the soil line, there’s no water waste.

Plus, you’ll notice that your garden plants, trees, and shrubs are healthier since no water is getting on the stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. You won’t find fungal diseases and root rot on these plants.

Instead, you’ll notice that your flowerbeds look lush and beautiful throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. You’ll also yield a better harvest when your vegetable plants get the proper amount of water at the right time directly to their roots.

How an Outdoor Sprinkler System Benefits You

Not only do your plants and lawn benefit from an outdoor sprinkler system, but you stand to gain time and save money.

An in-ground irrigation system provides you with long-term savings because you’re using less water and energy with your sprinkler system. You won’t have soil erosion or run-off either because the sprinkler system will turn off once the soil has enough moisture.

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And you protect your plant investment. Seeds, plants, trees, and shrubs cost a lot of money. You want them to live a long time as well as remain healthy. And a lawn and garden sprinkler system help you meet those goals.

Finally, you increase your property’s value. An outdoor sprinkler system is an upgrade, and the resale value of your home increases when you have one installed on your property.

And your property’s curb appeal looks its best when the lawn and landscaped areas get the appropriate amount of water and stay disease-free.

Why You Need a K-Rain Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System

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