How to Add or Change a K-Rain Sprinkler Head

martes, 22 de septiembre de 2020

Do you need to change your K-Rain sprinkler heads to reach the edges of your lawn before they turn brown?

Fortunately, K-Rain makes switching out spray heads or adding a new sprinkler head to your yard simple with K Keys. Also, YouTube has helpful videos to teach you how to change or add a K-Rain sprinkler head.

Sprinkler heads

The K Key Is the Secret to Easy Switches

K-Rain’s unique K Key allows you to adjust sprinkler heads and rotary nozzles as well as acts as a handle for placing the spray head back into its holder.

K-Rain has four K Keys also known as adjustment tools:

  1. Adjustment tool for MiniPro, ProPlus Adjustment Key
  2. SuperPro RPS Select Adjustment Key
  3. RPS 75 and RPS 75i Adjustment Keys
  4. Rotary Nozzle Adjustment Tool.

Adding a Spray Head to Your In-Ground Sprinkler System

K-Rain makes it easy to save water and time with their lawn irrigation products. You first need to buy your K-Rain spray heads as well as PVC piping, joints, and Blue PVC Cement that’s waterproof. Then, use these steps to increase your lawn sprinkler’s water coverage:

  1. Dig out your existing sprinkler head so you can add a new water line.
  2. Use a cutting tool to separate the old sprinkler line from the sprinkler head.
  3. Use a shovel to dig out a shallow channel for the new line. You don’t need to add a trench because it’s only one line.
  4. Put the new line piping into the shallow channel. Push down on it to bury it as far down as possible.
  5. Wipe off any dirt from the open piping. Next, add glue to the piping and the T joint. Attach the joint to the piping and hold it in place until it sets.
  6. Continue to attach piping with the joint using PVC cement and holding it until it sets all the way to your new sprinkler location.
  7. When you add the sprinkler head, make sure to position it correctly with the new line.
  8. Don’t forget to test the system before burying the new lines and spray heads.
  9. After the water runs through the new line, you can cover the sprinkler head and the PVC pipes with dirt.

Granted, this is a short overview of adding a new sprinkler head and line to your property. Fortunately, YouTube has plenty of videos to show you how to do the job in detail.

Watch more: At K-Rain, we created videos to help homeowners understand their outdoor lawn sprinkler systems.

Changing K-Rain Spray Heads

Again, K-Rain makes it simple to change out sprinkler heads. You use the key to adjust to the spray setting. The key also helps with other adjustments and as a handle to put the spray head back into the nozzle.

Here’s a brief outline describing how to change a K-Rain spray head:

  1. Know which arrow points to the nozzle’s position (red nozzle in the grayarea), and understand that the other arrow turns clockwise to adjust the sprinkler head’s opening.
  2. Put the K Key in the circle on top of the spray head. Pull it up to make adjustments.
  3. Adjust the nozzle for the type of spray you want emitting. You have a choice between a long spray and a short spray.
  4. Set the spray pattern before putting the new spray head into the ground.
  5. When setting the spray pattern, start at the lowest setting and turn it clockwise to the setting you desire. You can adjust the spray head to meet your watering needs, such as 180º to 240º or a full 360º.
  6. You want to place the riser deep enough in the ground so that your lawn mower doesn’t damage the spray head.
  7. However, you don’t want to set the riser too low because excess dirt and water will get into it.
  8. Place the sprinkler head into the riser that’s already in the ground.
  9. Test the sprinkler to make sure it’s working and covers the area it’s intended to water.

Once again, YouTube has a video describing in detail how to adjust and replace a K-Rain sprinkler head.

Why K-Rain Is the Best Choice for All of Your Outdoor Lawn Sprinkler System Needs

As you can see, K-Rain’s K Key, as well as its other mechanisms make easy work out of replacing a lawn spray head or adding a sprinkler head to your K-Rain in-ground watering system.

You can see a sample irrigation system design on our website. You can also buy your K-Rain sprinkler system parts at our online store or at your favorite big box store.

If you have any questions about your K-Rain outdoor lawn sprinkler, call our customer service at 800-735-7246 or fill out our contact form.

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