How a Sprinkler System Helps Your Lawn and Landscape Survive

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2018
All plants need water to survive and thrive. You want your property to look beautiful, healthy and dense.

Every lawn and landscape is different, though. No matter where you live in the United States and Canada, a sprinkler system helps you reach your goal of a lovely property.

Healthy Landscape

6 Ways a Lawn and Garden Sprinkler Helps Keep a Beautiful Property

Today’s water sprinklers have evolved from the sprinklers that connect to a garden hose circa 1970’s to smart irrigation systems complete with timers, controllers and sensors of the 21st century.

Here are six ways a lawn and garden sprinkler system helps maintain a beautiful property:

1.  You’re forced (in a good way) to divide your property into hydrozones: The very first thing a smart sprinkler system does is force you to divide your property into micro-climates. Indeed, your lawn in the backyard that’s covered by trees doesn’t need the same amount of water per week as your front lawn that is in full sun all day.

2.  Rain/freeze sensors turn off when they “sense” that rain is in the air or a freeze will happen overnight: Sensors stop your irrigation system the second it starts to rain or when your soil has enough moisture.

3.  Modern irrigation controllers help you control the amount of water used for irrigation: You program the irrigation controller when you want your sprinkler to go on and off each day at a set time. Irrigation controllers are designed to conserve water using technology including the ability to control it from a smartphone.

4.  You can add battery-powered irrigation controllers: Your mind can rest when the electricity goes out—you can still manage your controller through battery-powered and Bluetooth technology on your smartphone.

5.  Different spray heads and rotary nozzles help to water your lawn efficiently: Your property has different watering needs. Different spray heads and rotary nozzles are designed to meet those different watering needs. So your sprinkler will deliver the right amount of water with the right amount of pressure at the right time. It helps to conserve water and decrease your water bills.

6.  Dripline irrigation waters flower beds, under trees and shrubs, and container plants with precision: If you want to water your flower beds, shrubs, trees and even container plants, slowly and evenly, you need dripline irrigation. Dripline includes micro-irrigation that emits water directly to the plants’ root so there is no run-off and overwatering.

4 Ways to Create a Water-Wise Landscape
You can continue to save money and maintain a beautiful landscape by incorporating driplines and micro-irrigation systems. And yet, you should employ other water-saving practices to your property:

  • Consider xeriscaping: If you live in a drier climate in the U.S., you want to try xeriscaping. When using xeri, you’re not limited to a handful of cacti and stones. Indeed, you can include drought-tolerant (and low maintenance) ground covers, trees, shrubs, and other native plants. Use decorative stone for paths or walkways to add interest and help reduce the size of your lawn.

  • Consider rain catchment systems: Reuse your rainwater. Rain catchment systems, such as a rain barrel, collects water during rain events. You can save this water to use in your gardens when the ground starts to get dry again.

  • Stormwater management: You don’t want your rainwater to run wildly into your storm drains taking trash and other debris with it. Instead, hire a landscape designer to create and install a dry river bed or a swale that slows down the water as it flows into a French drain and absorbs the water back into the ground.

  • Use mulch: Mulch does more than make your landscape look pretty and tidy. Indeed, mulch holds onto moisture. So, if the summer starts off with a lot of rain, and then it turns hot and dry, the mulch in your flower beds and under your trees and shrubs will hold moisture longer. Mulch also regulates soil temperature and keeps weeds away too.

How K-Rain Helps You Keep a Healthy, Vibrant Lawn and Landscape
At K-Rain, we specialize in sprinkler systems. We provide a wide array of sensors, nozzles, spray heads and other irrigation parts.

You can purchase our products at our online store or you can find them at Lowe’s and The Home Depot. If you’re not a DIY’er, you can find a K-Rain contractor to design and install your new sprinkler on your property.