How a Drip Irrigation System & Bubblers Benefit Your Landscape Beds

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2018
Drip irrigation and bubblers take efficient watering to a whole new level. There is no more water waste. Plus, you’ll notice that your trees, shrubs and perennials look brilliant.

K-Rain Drip Irrigation System
When you invest in a drip irrigation system, you’re on your way to saving money on your water bills as well as conserving this precious resource.

Indeed, dripline systems deliver water directly to the roots whether the system is installed above- or underground.
It’s also an effective way of watering beating out hand-watering as well as garden or soaker hoses.

Here are three features of a K-Rain Drip Irrigation System:
1.  It’s designed with pressure-compensating emitters

2.  It performs uniform watering throughout the entire line

3.  Its in-line emitter check valves prevent dripline drainage when water pressure goes below 2.5 PSI. The emitter valves also protect against sediment entering into the dripline.

6 Benefits of a Drip Irrigation System
In addition to its features, drip irrigation also has the following six benefits to both your plants and your water bill:

1.  It uses 50% less water than other watering methods.

2.  A properly installed PC Dripline System eliminates run-off and overspray.

3.  A drip irrigation system applies water at a slower rate allowing moisture to percolate deep in the soil.

4.  A drip irrigation system is perfect for non-turfgrass areas such as shrub beds, parking lot medians and areas with ground covers.

5.  The check valve feature keeps water from draining at lower elevations along the line.

6.  The check valve also protects each drip emitter from carrying sentiment, small particles and other debris to the end of each irrigation cycle.

Bubbler Irrigation
K-Rain’s pressure-compensating bubblers are ideal for trees and large shrub watering. The water literally bubbles up and over the sprinkler head delivering water straight to the plant’s root system.


Like its cousin dripline irrigation, bubblers emit water slowly and consistently to ensure that water percolates deep into the root system of the plant.

Here are three bubbler irrigation features:
1.  Tree bubblers saturate at ground level. There’s no overspray or other means to wasted water.

2.  Bubblers compensate for different flow rates by providing consistent flow over many pressure ranges.

3.  You can buy fixed or adjustable tree bubblers.

Whether you’re a DIY’er or a homeowner who’ll hire a contractor, K-Rain has dripline irrigation and tree bubbler systems to meet your landscape’s watering needs.

Our quality products provide water-savings for both your utility bills as well as efficiently watering your garden beds, trees and shrubs. You’ll notice healthier plants because they’re now getting the right amount of water at the right time and in the right amount.

If you’re a DIY’er, you can find our products at Lowe’s, The Home Depot and our online store.

If you prefer to hire a contractor to design and install your dripline system and bubblers, you can find a K-Rain professional on our website.

Additionally, you can contact our customer service at 800-735-7246 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET) or email us at