Homeowner’s Guide to Pet-Safe Plants

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2022
Every plant parent, whether a new gardener or an experienced botanist, knows how much some greenery can beautify a living space. But is it safe to keep plants around your household pets?

Unfortunately, certain plants are toxic to pets and could cause harm if ingested, which is why it’s important to do your due diligence to keep your pets out of harm’s way. However, there’s no need to panic. Even if you have poisonous plants in your house, there are ways to keep your pets safe.

Read on for some tips to protect your pets from toxic plants as well as a description of some pet-safe plants to consider adding to your collection. In no time, your furry friends and your green friends will be living together in harmony.

Pet Friendly Plants

How To Keep Pets Safe Around Unsafe Plants

Before you throw your lilies and your aloe plant in the trash, try out the following methods to keep your pets far from your dangerous plants.

1. Create a barrier
There are several unique ways to put some space between your plant and your curious dog or cat. For example, consider investing in a hanging basket that suspends your plant from the roof. You still get to enjoy its beauty without the risk of a puppy tummy ache or worse.

Terrariums are another great way to keep your plants in sight but out of paw’s reach. If your plant can survive inside a glass case, consider displaying it as a table centerpiece.

2. Make their noses pucker
Pets will eat just about anything, but there are a few scents that repel them — citrus is one of them. Try squeezing a lemon or orange around plants that could be harmful to your four-legged friends to deter them from coming any closer.

Likewise, while we humans can’t seem to get enough morning coffee, our pets couldn’t disagree more. After making a pot of joe, sprinkle your used coffee grounds on top of your plant’s soil. Not only will coffee grounds keep your pets from getting too close, but they also serve as a great fertilizer for your plants.

Just make sure that your pet is like most and won’t go near coffee grounds before relying too much on this method.

3. Rewards and (gentle) punishments
Lastly, we come to positive reinforcement and punishment. When your pet starts investigating a plant they shouldn’t consider having a water spray bottle ready. This won’t hurt your furry friend, but will provide just enough discomfort to teach them to avoid your plants.

Better yet, reward your pets when they listen to commands to get away from your plants, or when they choose to stay away from them altogether. Eventually, they’ll learn that in order to coexist, they need to give your plants some space.

4 Types of Pet-Safe Plants

Of course, if all the plants in your house are already non-toxic, you have very little to worry about. Below, we describe a few plants to consider adding to your collection that won’t pose a threat to your fur babies.

  • Orchid. You may be relieved to hear that the stunningly beautiful orchid is safe for cats and dogs. While they aren’t the easiest flowers to care for, they’ll keep your home glowing and your pets safe.

  • Spider plant. Ignore the creepy name — spider plants are a bright and fun addition to any indoor space, and they don’t pose any danger to pets. They’ll look great whether they’re on a windowsill, desk, or hanging from the ceiling.

  • Bromeliad. If you can’t stop dreaming about the tropics, you’ll love adding a bromeliad to your space. They boast vibrant colors and thrive in indirect sunlight. The best part? Your pets can safely lay next to your bromeliad and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Ponytail Palm. The only risk this plant poses is your cat thinking its fun, frazzled leaves are a toy. Ponytail palms are some of the easiest plants to care for, making them perfect for new plant parents.

If you enjoyed learning about how to keep your pets safe while still enjoying some greenery, check out Lemonade’s visual below for more helpful tips and pet-friendly plants.

Pet-Friendly Plants: How Pets and Plants Coexist