Lush and Lovely - A Guide to Maintaining Your Yard

viernes, 27 de agosto de 2021

Everybody wants a beautiful yard. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll get from impressing your neighbors and friends with a well-kept lawn that adds to the curb appeal of your home. However, achieving a lush and beautiful lawn doesn’t happen overnight. A top Home Remodeling Contractor in Cherry Hill, NJ, advises that to get that lush look that you’ve always desired, you’ll have to put some solid effort into it!

Beautiful Garden

Below are some great tips for achieving that lush and lovely yard you want:

1. Aerate

Your soil will need loosening from time to time to help it absorb water, nutrients, and air better. Aeration helps the roots absorb most of these nutrients to ensure the growth of a healthy lawn. You can do this in 3-4 years.

2. Plant the Right Grass

At times, the soil or environment is not the problem, but the choice of seeds is. First, prepare the ground by removing any weeds. Then, under the proper environmental conditions, the suitable grass will grow naturally. 

3. Fertilize Your Soil

Avoid frequent use of artificial fertilizers since they can damage your grass. This damage can result in stunted growth or complete death. Instead, opt for granular or natural fertilizer, which releases nutrients gradually over a long time. A soil test can come in handy to determine how much nutrients your grass needs so that you do not overdo it.

4. Water it

In most cases, watering your lawn in the evening isn’t always a practical way to keep your lawn healthy. Most will recommend watering your lawn early in the morning since sunrays will prevent it from staying damp all day. You can do this at least 2-3 times a week. However, if you have planted a new lawn, you will need to water it every day to boost growth.

5. Weed Out

If you spot a large patch of weeds growing in your lawn, it can mean that your soil may be lacking nutrients, or you may be trimming your lawn too short. We recommend that you try to pull out the weed from the ground as much as possible before resorting to herbicides. Many herbicides contain harmful chemicals which can eventually kill the grass. However, if you experience a destructive weed problem on your lawn, you can opt for herbicides to spray the individual weeds till they are all cleared. The weeds will eventually die out after 5–7days.

6. Mow It

Lawn mowing is one of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance of your lawn. While it may seem the most obvious, how you mow it makes all the difference in how healthy and beautiful your lawn will be. It not only helps the grass thicken but also makes it weed and disease resistant. You also should mow your grass at least once a week, but you will need to trim it more often, depending on the climate.

With simple routines, maintaining your lawn shouldn’t be a challenging task. If the situation proves too hard to handle, there are professional lawn care companies who can guide you through the process. Eventually, you will have the beautiful lush lawn that you have always wanted to have.

Jennifer Bell
Freelance Writer
Jennifer Bell