Why You Need Drip Irrigation for Your Landscaped Areas, Flowerbeds, and Vegetable Gardens

martes, 31 de mayo de 2022

Do you spend hours in the early morning or evening watering your many flowerbeds, landscaped areas, and vegetable gardens?

Does your lawn sprinkler only seem to benefit your lawn and not your trees and shrubs?

Then, you need a more efficient irrigation system for those landscaped areas… dripline irrigation and bubblers.


Why You Need Drip Irrigation for Your Landscaped Areas, Flowerbeds, and Vegetable Gardens

If you’re tired of dragging your garden hose throughout your yard to reach all the spaces your in-ground lawn sprinkler doesn’t go, you need a dripline irrigation system or tree bubblers.

Drip irrigation and tree bubblers are designed to deliver water directly to the root systems of flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs.

K-Rain’s dripline irrigation is made with durable poly tubing manufactured with high-quality resins to resist stress cracking, have a high burst strength, and industry-level flexibility.

The check valve of our dripline irrigation kit prevents water from draining at lower elevations along the line. It also protects drip emitters from siphoning sediment, small particles, and debris at the end of each irrigation cycle.

K-Rain’s Tree Bubblers differ from dripline irrigation because they’re small irrigation heads that bubble over to flood the ground surface around trees, groundcovers, or shrubs.

The water sinks into the tree or shrub’s root balls, which are a string of roots, including the soil, at the base of the woody plant. This flooding at the root ball encourages deep root growth and eliminates excess run-off and waste.

You can set it and forget with dripline and bubblers. You don’t have to worry about moving around soaker hoses or dragging a garden hose because each line is directed at the plant’s root zones.

7 Reasons You Need to Add Drip Irrigation to Your Flowerbeds and Vegetable Gardens

Dripline irrigation provides the best solution for your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. Setting up a dripline is not as labor-intensive as installing your in-ground lawn sprinkler, and it sends larger water droplets directly to the root zone where plants need it the most.

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Here are seven ways that your landscaped areas, including flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, benefit from drip irrigation:

1.  You use half the amount of water for your in-ground sprinkler system because the droplets trickle into the ground rather than coming out of a more forceful spray head.

2.  You use less energy to send out water droplets because drip irrigation uses less water pressure.

3.  You’ll find that a dripline system or bubblers provide a high level of water-use efficiency because the plants get only the water they need.

4.  You’ll notice fewer plant diseases, such as powdery mildew because no water lands on the plant’s foliage.

5.  You can automate your bubblers and drip irrigation system so that you don’t have to go out and water your gardens in the early morning or early evening.

6.  You’ll find that your water bill is lower, and there are fewer weeds (a win/win for any gardener) because driplines and bubblers only water the plants that need it. No water goes in-between garden rows or on other areas that don’t need irrigation.

7.  You’ll find that plant fertilizer works more effectively because it’s not leaching into the ground.

You’ll find that there is an initial investment upfront when you buy everything you need to set up a dripline and bubbler irrigation system. However, you’ll notice that your energy and water usage are immediately saved when you regularly use your new irrigation tools.

You’ll need to maintain your drip irrigation and tree bubblers by checking on leaks because critters, such as rabbits and mice, chew on the wires, which will require repair. You’ll also need to check to ensure that soil and other debris aren’t clogging the drip emitters.

K-Rain’s PC Dripline System and Pressure Compensating Bubblers Conserve Water and Provide the Irrigation That Your Plants Need

If you want to add a dripline system and a bubbler system to your landscaped areas, flowerbeds, and vegetable gardens, you can’t go wrong with K-Rain’s Drip Irrigation and Tree Bubblers.

Our K-Rain Dripline System provides irrigation efficiency and trouble-free operation for flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. Here are our dripline’s features:

  • You can install the dripline above- or below-ground
  • The kit has pressure-compensating emitters to ensure uniform output across the entire run length
  • The in-line emitter checks valves to prevent drainage from the dripline when water pressure drops below 2.5 PSI, protecting against small sediment and soil particles falling into the drip emitter
  • Our dripline system comes in two flow rates and two spacing sizes, providing maximum flexibility in various applications.

Likewise, our K-Rain pressure compensating tree bubblers work perfectly for trees and large shrub watering. Pressure compensation ensures consistent water flow rates over lower pressure ranges.

If you think a dripline irrigation kit or tree bubblers will benefit your vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, and landscaped areas, you need to invest in K-Rain’s irrigation products.

You can buy your K-Rain dripline and bubbler parts at our online store or your favorite big-box retailer. If you have any questions about your K-Rain dripline and tree bubblers, call our customer service at 800-735-7246 or fill out our contact form.

If you’re a DIYer, you can find manuals for K-Rain sprinkler systems on our website. You can find a contractor to design and install your K-Rain dripline and tree bubbler systems if you're new to outdoor sprinkler systems.


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