Curb Appeal - Advice for a Verdant Front Yard

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2022

Have you been to your neighbor or friends, and you were amazed at how beautiful their lawn looked? It’s not magic! Most of them are not lawn professionals but have mastered the art of constantly following procedures that make their yard look green and beautiful. A custom home builder, who knows how to grow a good lawn, recommends these tips on how advice to achieve a verdant front yard:

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Feed Your Lawn

Like the plants on your farm, grass also needs additional nutrients to make it grow. Luckily, there are many premixed fertilizer spray formulas with essential nutrients; nitrogen, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Based on the type of grass in your yard, you should do this in their most favorable season of growth.

Water Your Grass

Sprinklers are great at distributing water evenly across the lawn and minimizing water wastage. Do this first thing in the morning twice a week when the sun is up to help the grass dry up. Give the soil time to soak in water to be sufficient, so don’t do it for less than 30 minutes. 

Control The Weeds

Weeds compete with the grass for nutrients; thus, it’s vital to stop them from growing at all costs. You can control the weeds early enough by spraying your whole lawn with weed killer. Alternatively, you can weed them manually using a hand scarifier to make the process easier and prevent them from growing back.

Aerate the Soil

If you’re growing new grass or you already have some in place, it’s critical to loosen up the soil from both directions to ensure air circulates effortlessly. Good soil aeration also makes the soil absorb fertilization nutrients better. Some opt to use a handheld manual tool to help with that, while others use an aerating machine. Ensure that you do this at least once a year.

Mow the Grass Consistently

When you buy your lawnmower, always set the blade to a mowing height of 3 inches and ensure that the blade is sharp at all times. If you trim the grass too low, the grass will not absorb the necessary nutrients needed for growth, thus preventing the grass from drying out. If possible, replace the lawn blade in every new season. Also, never mow your lawn when it's wet, and ensure that you change the mowing direction to avoid weakening the grass.

Maintain the Clippings

It’s normal to want to rake off the clippings after mowing your grass, but you’re missing out on feeding your lawn with natural nutrients. If you use a mulching mower, then maintaining these clippings won’t be a problem at all as it chops the grass finely into decomposable nutrients for your soil. You’ll also save yourself from buying fertilizer and making landfills.

Reviving your lawn is not as challenging as you thought. Those simple steps should revive your lawn to the healthy yard that you’ve always yearned for. Most importantly, make sure you sow the right seeds suitable for your environment.

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