Smart Irrigation Month: 8 Ways a Sprinkler System Keeps You Water Wise

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2018
Today’s sprinkler systems are designed to deliver water precisely to where it’s needed for a specific amount of time to reduce water waste.

To celebrate Smart Irrigation Month, invest in a lawn sprinkler that will save you money and make you water wise.

8 Ways a Sprinkler System Keeps Your Property Water Wise
Water Wise

Whether you need to comply with your city’s water restrictions or you have your own well water, it’s still important to stay water wise.

A string of hot days with no rain can make your lawn look dull. So, you turn on your sprinkler system to water your yard.

However, it’s not like it was 10 or 20 years ago. Smart technology allows you to control how much water is delivered and at what time of day to start the watering process.

For example, the night before, you set your sprinkler system to deliver water to your yard early in the morning, say around 4 a.m., when there is little evaporation and the temperature is cooler.

You go to bed that night knowing that your lawn sprinkler and drip irrigation systems will automatically turn on at 4 a.m. and stop when the moisture sensor picks up that there is enough water in the soil.

Here are eight ways a sprinkler system keeps your property adequately irrigated while conserving water at the same time:

1.  Since your irrigation system is broken down into hydro-zones, your irrigation system will only deliver the right amount of water at the right time per zone. Your water sprinkler is designed to provide different amounts of water to different zones on your property. Each zone requires more or less water based on its location—in the shade or full sun, as well as the type of plants in that zone.

2.  Your lawn sprinkler reduces the amount of wasted water: A well-designed and installed sprinkler system is guaranteed to use less water. A water timer and a moisture sensor help the sprinkler to start and stop once there is adequate moisture in the soil.

3.  A sprinkler system improves your curb appeal without wasting water: What do you prefer? To walk by a property that is dull and brown or one that is green and dense? If you picked the latter, you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lawn. A sustainable watering system keeps your lawn and landscape looking their best.

4.  New technology is evolving to make it a cinch to save money on water bills as well as increase the system’s water efficiently: Every year, sprinkler system manufacturers are creating innovative ways to conserve water. These new technologies save you money as well as preserve your community’s water supply.

5.  A contractor is certified through the manufacturer to design, install and maintain its sprinkler systems: Installing a lawn sprinkler isn’t a once and done thing. You need to check it once a month for leaks and broken heads. And once a year, you need a contractor to audit your system to make sure it’s working at capacity.

6.  You’re in control of your property’s watering needs and schedule: Smart technology allows you to change your sprinkler system’s program based on seasonal needs. So, you’re in control of how much water goes out depending if it’s in the middle of July or in the middle of November.

7.  Bubblers, driplines and micro-irrigation units keep your flowers, trees and shrubs well-irrigated and water efficient: Additionally, smart technology and innovative design allow you to add water directly to your plants’ root systems. Driplines won’t over-water your plants and kill them. Instead, they reduce the amount of water needed to keep your ornamentals and flowers looking their best.

8.  A contractor ensures that your sprinkler system is correctly installed and maintained: If you don’t feel comfortable setting up your own system, you can hire a contractor to design and install your property’s lawn sprinkler. Moreover, you can employ your irrigation installer to maintain your system with monthly checks, seasonal opening and closing as well as the yearly audit.

How K-Rain Keeps Your Property Water Wise

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