3 Ways to Water Your Lawn & Landscape This Summer to Keep Them Healthy & Vibrant

lunes, 27 de junio de 2022

If you want to save money on your water bills but want a beautiful property simultaneously, you need to consider how to water your plants.

If you’re also living in an area with strict water restrictions, where you can only water your lawn and landscape a few times a week, you need to find the most efficient way to water your property.

To keep your lawn and landscape healthy and vibrant, there are three ways to water your lawn and landscape this summer. These three ways include

  1. Bubblers
  2. Drip irrigation
  3. In-ground lawn sprinklers.
Sprinkler System

What Are Bubblers?

Bubblers are small irrigation heads that bubble over and flood the ground surface around trees and shrubs. Bubblers can also be used to keep groundcovers irrigated during dry conditions.

K-Rain’s® pressure-compensating bubblers assure consistent flow rates over lower pressure ranges, making them ideal for watering trees and large shrubs. This flooding will cover the entire root system of a tree (the tree’s canopy indicates the root system belowground).

The water percolates deep into the tree or shrub’s root ball, a string of roots, dirt, and soil at the tree’s base. This soaking establishes the woody plants’ root system to grow deep underground. Our tree bubblers also stop excess runoff.

You can buy our shrub adapters, which are available for female and male threaded nozzles. We make our shrub adapters with high-quality UV inhibitor-infused ABS plastic for long life.

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With even the strictest water restrictions, tree bubblers keep your trees, shrubs, and groundcovers well-irrigated throughout the summer.

How Drip Irrigation Keeps You Compliant with Your Municipality and Keeps Your Flowerbeds Dazzling

You need drip irrigation if you have flowerbeds that are your pride and joy. Driplines also benefit your vegetable garden, potted plants, and raised beds.

At K-Rain®, our dripline system keeps your beds, urns, and home garden well-watered throughout the hot summer months. Our drip irrigation system stops run-off and overspray. It also delivers large water drops directly to the plant’s root system more efficiently than a sprinkler system would be able to do.

Here are K-Rain’s® Dripline System’s features:

  • You can install the dripline system above- or belowground
  • The dripline system has pressure-compensating emitters that prevent the dripline from draining when the water pressure drops below 2.5 PSI. This protects the dripline system from siphoning small sediment and soil particles into the drip emitter. This feature makes our dripline system idea for sub-surface installation.
  • You can buy K-Rain’s® dripline system in two flow rates and two spacing sizes. You have the best design flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

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How In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Conserve Water While Keeping Your Lawn Deep Green & Lush

When installing a lawn sprinkler system on your property, you can keep your lawn looking healthy and dense. K-Rain® has everything you need to create the best irrigation system for your yard.

At K-Rain®, we have a full line of residential sprinkler system parts that include

  • Rotors
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Electric valves
  • Spray bodies
  • Rotary nozzles
  • Spray nozzles
  • Pump start relays
  • Indexing values
  • BL-KR battery controllers.

As you know, your lawn only needs a deep soaking once or twice a week. Our lawn sprinklers will automatically turn off when the moisture sensor feels enough water in the soil.

K-Rain’s® irrigation controllers, also called controller timers or irrigation timers, operates automatic irrigation systems, such as lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. You can set an irrigation timer for the days of the week, start time, and watering duration.

As you can see, K-Rain offers you, the homeowner, many options to keep you compliant with your area’s water restrictions while keeping your property looking its best. Plus, you’ll notice lower water bills when using any K-Rain sprinkler system for the long term.

If you’re a DIYer, you can find manuals for K-Rain sprinkler systems on our website. If you're new to outdoor sprinkler systems, you can find a contractor to design and install your K-Rain dripline and tree bubbler systems.

You can buy your K-Rain dripline, bubbler, and lawn sprinkler parts at our online store or your local Home Depot and Lowes. If you have questions about your K-Rain dripline and tree bubblers, call our customer service at 800-735-7246 or fill out our contact form