25 Benefits of Drip Irrigation and Tree Bubblers

jueves, 5 de marzo de 2020

Isn’t it time to add drip irrigation and tree bubblers to your property to help you conserve water as well as save money on utility bills? These no-nonsense irrigation products emit small amounts of water at the root zone in landscaped areas and under trees.

A dripline or tree bubbler emits constant water to plants’ root systems for the length of time you set on the drip irrigation’s timer. If there’s an area with dense shrubbery, for instance, drip irrigation will slowly emit small amounts of water to the roots.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of drip irrigation systems, including tree bubblers.

Tree Bubbler

How Tree Bubblers and Other Driplines Conserve Water, Save You Money, Maintain Plant Health

There are many benefits to installing a drip line and/or tree bubblers. These micro-irrigation tools output small amounts of water. Drip irrigation and tree bubblers are measured in gallons per hour rather than gallons per minute.

Here are 25 benefits of drip irrigation and tree bubblers:

1.  Micro-irrigation saves you, the homeowner, up to 70% more water than conventional sprinkler systems.

2.  Drip irrigation and tree bubblers target water directly where it needs to go rather than over spraying a small area.

3.  Micro-irrigation has a slower flow than typical irrigation systems.

4.  Drip irrigation and tree bubblers are more efficient than other sprinkler systems as long as they’re correctly installed.

5.  Water is directly emitted to the plant’s root zones. There is no water wasted due to evaporation, wind, or overspray mist.

6.  Driplines prevent plant diseases because the water isn’t laying on the plant’s leaves. Drip irrigation and tree bubblers are set up to go directly to the plant’s root systems.

7.  Driplines prevent erosion and runoff, making them great environmental products.

8.  Tree bubblers precisely emit water to right to where it belongs, the tree’s root ball.

9.  You won’t forget about your drip sprinkler system like you would with your lawn sprinkler. When you add a timer to your dripline system, it’ll automatically shut-off.

10.  There will be no accidental spray on your home, wood fences, and concrete.

11.  Driplines and tree bubblers are easy to install. While you’ll still need to dig a trench, it’ll be smaller and less time consuming as a regular outdoor sprinkler system would demand.

12.  Tree bubblers are more durable and less likely to get clogged like other emitters.

13.  Drip irrigation and tree bubblers improve plant growth. The slower water flow percolates into the soil and into the plant’s root zone. This precision leads to healthy plant growth because the shrubbery, trees or landscaped areas are getting the right amount of water at the right flow.

14.  Drip irrigation extends watering times for plants so that the plant materials get enough water.

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15.  Fertilizers and other soil amendments stay in the ground where they belong. There’s no erosion to wash away nutrients.

16.  Water penetrates deeply into the soil to produce longer root hairs to improve plant health throughout the year including the winter.

17.  Drip irrigation or tree bubblers reduce the number of weeds popping up in your flowerbeds and landscaped areas. The moisture only goes to your landscape plants and trees.

18.  You save time with a dripline and bubblers because you don’t need to stand by your flowerbeds and gardens to water them with a garden hose for an hour or more.

19.  Automatic watering by a touch of your mobile device as well as not having to move sprinkler heads anymore save you even more time.

20.  Driplines and tree bubblers eliminate fungal diseases because water is not landing nor sitting on leaves overnight.

21.  You can modify your drip irrigation to meet the changing needs and growth of your shrubbery beds, trees, and gardens. You can also modify how long your dripline runs according to plant needs during the late spring through early fall.

22.  Drip irrigation doesn’t wash mulch away. Instead, it percolates through the mulch to the root zone.

23.  You can designate one zone with tree bubblers instead of having to run different driplines.

24.  You should notice a reduction on your water bills because you use less water over the summer months compared to hand watering or using a garden hose. Plus, you save money because you don’t need to constantly buy new plants to replace the ones that died due to too much water or not enough of it.

25.  You have a choice with your tree bubblers’ flow rate. You can have a fixed flow rate that adjusts to water pressure, or you can install an adjustable flow rate.

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Investing in a Dripline and Tree Bubblers

If you’re a DIY homeowner, you can install your own dripline and tree bubblers. It does take some time, but you’ll be grateful for the lower water bills and the healthier plants on your property.

If you have a small urban yard, you may have mostly landscaped and hardscaped areas with a small space dedicated to lawn grass. Driplines and bubblers help you keep your plants healthy and well-watered—especially during the summer.

Conversely, if you have a large property that’s divided into hydrozones, your trees will benefit from tree bubblers, and the dripline would be perfect for groundcovers, shrubbery beds, and flowers. Some homeowners use driplines in their planters and container plants to keep them moist.

If your municipality or city has water restrictions, you can still have a beautiful landscape and trees with drip irrigation. You may only water your plants on certain days, but on those watering days, your dripline will be efficiently irrigating your plants.

Plus, some municipalities give water-saving rebates when homeowners install drip irrigation and tree bubblers on their property.

K-Rain provides dripline and tree bubblers for DIY homeowners. Our pressure compensating bubblers ensure your plants get consistent flow rates during lower water pressure. K-Rain’s tree bubblers are perfect for watering trees and large shrubs.

Our dripline systems provide you with irrigation efficiency and trouble-free operation. You can install our driplines above- or underground, depending on your property’s needs and your preference.

You’ll find that our drip irrigation system will deliver uniform output across the entire length of your dripline run. K-Rain’s in-line emitter prevents drainage from the dripline when water pressure drops below 2.5 psi, protecting against siphoning of small sentiment and soil particles.

If you want to put in a K-Rain dripline and tree bubblers, you can find our products at a Home Depot or a Lowes near you. You can also buy K-Rain parts at our online store, or you can hire an irrigation contractor to install a dripline on your property.

If you have any questions about K-Rain’s sprinkler products, call our customer service at 800-735-7246.