17 Top Apps for Landscape Contractors

lunes, 25 de enero de 2021

Looking for the right app for your landscaping business? There are plenty of apps available—helping you run your business as well as communicate efficiently with your field crews.

Are you confused about which ones will benefit your contracting company and which ones are time-stealers?

In this blog, you’ll learn about the top apps for both the business and the green side of your company.

Mobile Apps for landscape contractors

7 Best Apps for the Field Service Side of Your Landscaping Company

There are a lot of variables to keep track of when you and your crews are out in the field working. Here are eight apps to keep you organized:

  • Harvest Landscape Calculator – You’ll stop buying too much mulch or grass seed when you use the Harvest Landscape Calculator app. You plug in the length, width, and depth of the property you’re working on, and the app will tell you how much product you need.
  • Leafsnap – Another digital field guide to help you find the right plant species. Researchers from Columbia University, University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institute contribute to this app. The app is still in its infancy, but if you need a plant guide on your Android, you’re in luck.
  • iScape – Help your customers see their landscape or irrigation design digitally before you start digging. You and your customers can move plants, trees, and hardscapes around to complete the design to meet your customer’s needs and dreams.

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  • Planimeter – This GPS app helps you measure the square footage of a property. You can measure, plot, and use other land surveying tools with this app.
  • Turfgrass Management – Designed by turfgrass researchers at the University of Georgia, this app helps you diagnose different turf diseases. The app also tells you which fungicide or pesticide works best on a specific turf disease.
  • Google Earth–You can provide free estimates by using Google Earth. However, it’s best to make sure your customer knows that this is an estimate—you’ll have a more accurate read once you visit their property.
  • Weather apps such as Accuweather, NOAA, and the Weather Channel – All three weather apps are available on Google Play and iTunes. Plus, Accuweather, NOAA, and the Weather Channel are accurate with up-to-the-minute forecasts and radar, so you know if it’s going to rain or be sunny throughout the day.

Try these apps to see if they help you and your crews become more efficient and knowledgeable while out in the field.

The Top 10 Business Apps that Keep You Organized On the Go

You’re a busy landscape contractor, and you don’t want to mess around when you’re on the road. So, here are nine apps to keep you connected with the back office as well as designers and crews.

  • iPunchclock:  Your crews can punch in right from their iPhones or other iOS devices. Tracks activities so you can itemize your invoices.
  • Invoice2go:  Send invoices from your mobile device. Invoice2go also helps you get paid faster and to send estimates with a few taps to your smartphone.
  • Lawn Buddy: Considered one of the best apps for lawn care professionals, Lawn Buddy helps you organize your routes, track your crews, send push notifications, schedule easily as well as many other features.
  • Hubstaff: Keep track of your employees and where they’re located with Hubstaff’s new time-keeping app. This app allows your crews to clock in and out while giving you real-time updates.
  • Gas Buddy:  Find the cheapest gas in the area that you’re working in. You can pay for your gas through the app as well as plan your itinerary. You can search for gas by city, state, province, or by gas brand.
  • DocuSign: You can get signatures directly on your phone or mobile device, so you don’t need to hassle with hard copy forms.
  • iFleet:  Makes scheduling easy. Plus, you won’t have any more paper trails that come back with coffee spills, shoe prints, or other issues that make paperwork unreadable.
  • Dropbox:  Helps you keep organized with file sharing and storage. In addition, the app makes searching for files easier with personalized suggestions as well as allows your crew leaders to review design plans.
  • Slack:  Communicate with your crews, designer, or your assistant back at the office by texting. You can organize your texts by channel or by project to make it easier to follow the flow of communication with team members.
  • Evernote:  Stay uber-organized with this app. You can organize your notes, sync with team members, make notes and bookmark essential web articles.

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