BL-24 Bluetooth Enabled Controller

BL-24 Bluetooth Enabled Controller

  • Improved Programming Power
    • New platform enables desktop management of multiple BL-24s.
      • Access: Use your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to access the K-Rain cloud platform
      • Load Updates: Modify settings of any of your K-Rain BL devices- the updates will now be ready to transmit
      • Transmit: Once Bluetooth device (your mobile phone, or tablet) is in range, press Transmit- the device is updated
  • Gain Transparency
    • View individual or all devices on a map and geo-locate them on an interactive map using a smartphone, tablet, or web browser
  • Full virtual back up
    • Back up program information and preferences to the cloud for easy future restoration
  • Improve communication and field effectiveness
    • Remotely push changes to your mobile devices, or devices of your team members, from our secure cloud, immediately notifying field technicians that updated programming is available
  • 4, 6, 9, and 12 station configurations available


Free Smartphone/Tablet App Features
  • Transform your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control and fully program your BL-24 controller(s) using Bluetooth Smart technology from up to 35 feet away
  • Add a passcode lock to each controller for added security
  • Add multiple BL-24 controllers (up to 400) and program/control them using 1 app on your smartphone, tablet or web browser
Web Portal and Management Platform
  • Centrally program BL-24s from a web interface by creating an account at
  • Create, back up and restore programs from app or web browser
  • View all devices on an interactive map

  • BL-24-4 4 Station Bluetooth Controller
  • BL-24-6 6 Station Bluetooth Controller
  • BL-24-9 9 Station Bluetooth Controller
  • BL-24-12 12 Station Bluetooth Controller
BL-24 Web Browser Screens