How Can I Grow My Contracting Company with K-Rain Products?

Friday, July 26, 2019

If you’re an irrigation contractor, you’re always looking for ways to increase your business. At K-Rain, we have a Premier Contractor Program where you can earn cash rebates and get homeowner leads in your company’s territory.

Plus, we help you grow your business with our online and print marketing materials. Read more to learn about our Premier Contractor Program.

Grow your business

Who Is K-Rain?

K-Rain manufactures sprinkler system rotors, sprays, valves and controllers for homeowners and contractors. If you’re a landscape contractor, K-Rain’s irrigation products help you grow your business.

In 1974, K-Rain Manufacturing became incorporated. Today, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of irrigation products.

K-Rain’s Premier Contractor Program is perfect for a Certified Irrigation Contractor or a Certified Irrigation Designer.

K-Rain’s Premier Contractor Program

K-Rain’s Premier Contractor Program switched from a points program to a cash rebate program in April 2019. Now when you buy a K-Rain product from one of our authorized dealers, you earn a cash rebate. You even start earning toward your rebate with your first K-Rain purchase.

You can trade in your rebate for a debit card or credit toward your next K-Rain product.

Good News! Our Pro-S Sprays are now EPA Water Sense Certified.

Here are five added benefits you receive when you join our Premier Contractor Program:

  • You’re the first to get homeowner referrals in your area.
  • You get access to free online and print marketing tools, such as door hangers and postcards.
  • K-Rain will customize certain irrigation products with your brand for free. This branding helps you get more callbacks for repairs.
  • You can get your company’s name and contact information on Rotors RPS 75, RPS 75i, and on SuperPro.
  • At K-Rain, we’ll laser print your company’s name and contact information on our Pro-Ex and Pro-LC controller doors as well as our Pro-S spray nozzle guard and our Pro-S spray twist cap.

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How You Can Grow Your Contractor Company with K-Rain

When you join our Premier Contractor Program, you’ll begin to see your business grow.


K-Rain products are generally less expensive than the competition with the same or better warranty backing up our products. There’s reduced risk as well as affordable sprinkler system products. You can pass those savings onto your customers.

Your profit margins will improve when you install K-Rain products. We have patents on our RPS Select, which is a rotor where you don’t need to change nozzles.

When you have these type of products in your trucks, you have fewer SKUs and experience less frustration because you don’t have a nozzle rack to contend with.

Watch this video to see how you save time and money when you switch to our K-Rain spray heads.

Finally, we’ve noticed that K-Rain Contractors make more money compared to their competitors who join other irrigation company loyalty programs. Here is a list of our K-Rain irrigation products:

  • Bubblers and drip
  • Electric Valves
  • Indexing Valves
  • Irrigation Controllers
  • Nozzles
  • Pump Start Relays
  • Rotors
  • Sprays.

Become a Premier Contractor Today!

If you’re a Certified Irrigation Contractor or a Certified Irrigation Designer, you need to sign up for our Premier Contractor Program today. It’s really simple. You only need to fill out our enrollment form.

Once you join our program and use our products, you should see your profit margins grow.