New Drip Control Zone Kit Keeps You in Compliance

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Just in time for summer: K-Rain announces their new Drip Control Zone Kit so you can comply with state regulations and save money at the same time.

Drip Kit

Suppose you live in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, or Washington. In that case, you know that you need to have pressure regulators on all of your water-using appliances, including your outdoor sprinkler system.

And more states in the U.S. are moving toward requiring commercial and residential in-ground sprinkler systems to have water pressure regulators.

What is a Water Pressure Regulator?

Water pressure regulators, also known as pressure-reducing valves, lower the water pressure within your drip irrigation system.

While certain states require these water pressure regulators, you may want to install a drip control zone kit to your drip irrigation system to reduce the water pressure if it's higher than 40 psi.

A water pressure regulator will lower the water pressure in the Drip Control Zone Kit, but it'll never increase the water pressure.


Because high water pressure pushes your drip emitters off the system, causing leaking. High water pressure in dripline irrigation also leads to irregular flows and wastes water. High water pressure not only leads to wasted water, but it reduces the life of the dripline irrigation system.

Drip irrigation pressure regulators only monitor and maintain the water pressure inside the system when the water is running. And dripline water pressure regulators are installed on the outflow side of the timers or valves.

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Do I Need a Water Pressure Regulator on My Drip Irrigation System?

Yes, you need a water pressure regulator on your dripline system if you live in CA, CO, HI, VT, and WA. However, you will only be able to buy a drip irrigation system already outfitted with a water pressure regulator. You can retrofit your current dripline with our Drip Zone Control Kit to stay in compliance with state regulations.

If you live in one of the water pressure regulatory states, you may notice that your dripline systems may cost up to $3 more because of the added water pressure regulator.

K-Rain's new Drip Control Zone Kit contains all of the components needed for automatic filtration and pressure regulated control of a low volume drip irrigation zone when connected to a controller.

What do you gain from installing K-Rain's Drip Control Zone Kit to your drip irrigation system? You'll gain a longer-lasting dripline system because there's less water at high pressure pushing out of it.

K-Rain's Drip Control Zone Kit protects your drip irrigation system from high-pressure water sources and debris. The heavy-duty ProSeries100 valves fit with a durable stainless steel filter.

You can pair the valve and filter with a 30PSI or a 40PSI pressure regulator that covers a wide variety of applications. Our Drip Control Zone Kit is factory assembled, so you can quickly and easily install it on your drip irrigation system.

Here are three benefits of our new Drip Control Zone Kit:

  • It's pre-assembled for convenient installation
  • It's made with heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant materials
  • It's available in two models, the PR30 KP7001-FPR30-kit and the PR40 KP7001-FPR40-kit.

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Drip Irrigation

You May Be Eligible for Water-Saving Rebates

Depending on where you live, you may be in luck when you purchase our new Drip Control Zone Kit.

Many municipalities and states offer water rebate programs when you purchase a water-saving product. K-Rain provides a step-by-step process for learning about water-saving rebates in your area.

If you're ready to preserve the longevity of your K-Rain Drip Irrigation System, comply with your state's regulations, and save money on your water bills, you need the Drip Control Zone Kit.

You can purchase K-Rain's Drip Control Zone Kit at our online store or a retailer near you. If you're new to dripline sprinkler systems, you can find an irrigation contractor to design and install your K-Rain dripline system with the Drip Control Zone Kit.

If you have any questions about your K-Rain Drip Control Zone Kit or your K-Rain dripline irrigation system, call our customer service at 800-735-7246 or fill out our contact form.

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