10 Reasons Why You Need a K-Rain Sprinkler System

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
A K-Rain lawn sprinkler system is an excellent addition to your lawn care and landscape maintenance arsenal. An irrigation system saves you money, conserves water and promotes a healthy lawn and landscape.

And yet, to reap the rewards of a sprinkler system requires that the system is expertly installed, programmed and calibrated.

10 Reasons You Need a K-Rain Sprinkler System—Including a Smart System

An irrigation system is the best way to water your lawn and gardens efficiently. There are 10 reasons why you need a sprinkler system:

1.  Save money and conserve water at the same time: When your sprinklers are correctly installed and maintained, they conserve water which you’ll see on your lower utility bills. According to the EPA, 50% of outdoor water use is wasted. However, when you invest in a K-Rain smart sprinkler system, you can save even more water due to our rain sensor that shuts off your sprinklers as soon as it starts raining.

2.  Temperature-based technology turns off the water when it senses freezing temperatures: When it starts to rain, or the temperature plummets to 32° F in colder climates, the rain/freeze sensor turns off your irrigation system, preventing your irrigation system from running when it gets cold.

3.  Your irrigation system includes bubblers and drip irrigation:Bubblers emit water that goes straight to your trees’ root systems. And driplines emit small amounts of water to your flowerbeds and container plants at their roots. There’s no overspray or flooding when these landscape sprinklers are properly installed and programmed. Both types of garden sprinklers give your plants the correct amount of water directly into the plants’ root systems to promote plant health and prevent waste.

4.  Protects your lawn and landscape investments: Bubblers, drip irrigation and lawn water sprinklers help to improve plant health. Your landscape plants and lawn grass improve when they get the right amount of water at the right time. Rotors and sprinkler heads come in different sizes and styles to deliver water efficiently.

5.  Proper installation, programming and calibrating are the keys to success: Whether you hire a contractor or you install your K-Rain sprinkler system on your own, how your irrigation system is installed, calibrated and programmed affects how well it works. Before you hire a contractor, make sure they’re trained, licensed and have experience installing K-Rain sprinklers.

6.  Helps you plan your lawn and landscape: In addition to saving you money on your water bills, a sprinkler system enables you to design your lawn and landscape to be more water-wise. Shady areas, hydro-zoning and planting a lawn for functional areas only help you to have a property that saves, rather than wastes, water.

7.  Allows you to adapt watering based on seasonal needs: Your K-Rain sprinkler system will enable you to program it to schedule watering based on the time of year. For example, if you live in a more temperate zone, you can program your sprinkler to go off once a week in the winter and every three days during the summer.

8.  You’re in control with how much and how long your sprinkler system runs: Sprinkler controllers come with the ability to program how much water your property needs, what time to water and many other features that you control. K-Rain controllers are “rain sensor ready” so you can install a sensor when you install your sprinkler system.

9.  You can set the timer to water your lawn and landscape based on slope, soil conditions, and other climate factors: You can set your watering timer to different settings based on the area that’s getting irrigated. For example, if you have a slope, you can configure your timer to go off for three to five-minute intervals over a 15-minute time period. This is called cycle and soak. After the timer goes off at five minutes, there’s time for the water to percolate into the ground. “Cycle and soak” prevents erosion, overspray and overwatering on slopes and other tricky terrains.

10.  Your sprinkler system is a long-term investment especially if you properly maintain it: During the busy growing months, you should check your sprinkler once a month. Then before winter, you should have your irrigation system blown out and closed for the season, and reopened again in the spring. Monthly checks should include:

  • Inspecting the entire system, looking for leaks, broken or clogged spray heads.
  • Adjusting the sprinkler heads to water your lawn and not the driveway, street or patio. You also want to remove anything in the way of the water spray.
  • Check the water pressure in each zone.
  • Update your smart irrigation controller to make sure everything is in working order.

Why You Need a K-Rain Sprinkler System
K-Rain has sprinkler system parts for you to design and install on your property as well as a listing of contractors who can install a K-Rain system for you.

Our efficient watering systems are designed with the latest technology and engineering to conserve water, our most precious resource.

If you’re ready to install your K-Rain lawn sprinkler system, you can find our products at Lowes and The Home Depot. And you can buy K-Rain parts at our online store.

You can also contact our customer service, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET by calling us at 800-735-7246 or by emailing us at customerservice@krain.com.

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