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Water Saving Products

Smart Practices. Smart Technology. Smart Business.  

K-Rain is dedicated to promoting smart irrigation practices by offering a full line of water saving products for your lawn and garden.


Water Saving Rebates  

Manuals & Literature

MiniPro Bidding Specifications
MiniPro Installation CAD Detail
Mini Pro Product Brochure
MiniPro Setting Instructions
MiniPro Nozzle Performance Data
MiniPro Product Specifications
SuperPro Installation CAD Detail
SuperPro Product Specifications
SuperPro Bidding Specifications
Pro S Spray Bidding Specifications
Pro S Spray Installation CAD Detail-All Models
Pro S Spray Product Brochure
RPS 46 Controller Operation Manual Español
RPS 46 Controller Operation Manual English
RPS 46 Irrigation System Controller Brochure
RPS46 Öntözésvezérlő használati leírás
RPS 469 Controller Operation Manual Español
RPS 469 Controller Operation Manual English
RPS 469 Irrigation Controller Brochure
RPS469 Öntözésvezérlő használati leírás
RPS50 Setting Instructions
RPS50 Nozzle Performance Data
RPS50 Product Brochure
ProPlus Product Brochure
ProPlus Installation CAD Detail
K-Spray Product Brochure
K-Spray Bidding Specifications
K-Spray Installation CAD Detail
ProCom Bidding Specifications
ProCom Installation CAD Detail
ProCom Product Specifications
ProSport Bidding Specifications
ProSport Installation CAD Detail
ProSport Product Specifications
ProSport Sprinkler Setting Instructions
ProPlus Sprinkler Bidding Specifications
ProCom Sprinkler Setting Instructions
ProPlus Rotary Sprinkler Nozzle Performance Data
4000 Series Indexing Valve Product Specifications
6000 Series Indexing Valve Product Specifications
4000 Series Indexing Valve Installation and Troubleshooting Guide
6000 Series Indexing Valve Instruction Guide
6000 Series Indexing Valve Diagram and Tech Specs
Rotary Nozzle Performance Data
ProEX Catalog Sheet
PRO EX 2.0 Manual
PRO EX 2.0 Remote Manual
PRO EX 2.0 Programming Quick Reference
PRO EX 2.0 Catalog Sheet
Pro EX 2.0 Product Brochure
K2 Pro Instruction Sheet
PC Dripline System
RPS75i Product Specifications
RPS75i Setting Instructions
RPS75i Technical Sheet
BL-KR Specifications Sheet
BL-KR Compatible Devices List 10-8-2015
BL-KR Manual
BL-24 Manual
RPS 624 Product Brochure
RPS 624 Instruction Manual
BL-24 Brochure
Rain Sensor