Thank you for Requesting a sample of RPS 75i

Thank you for requesting a sample of the NEW

You will be impressed with Intelligent Flow Technology™, the newest innovation in gear-drive rotors for the irrigation industry!
Now it is possible to easily reduce  distance while simultaneously and proportionately reducing  flow rate. Reduce distance and flow up to 50% without the use of a break-up screw or the need to change nozzles! You will also experience water savings of 30% or more!

Your time on every job will be reduced, each head can be adjusted to accurately water the specific area which eliminates brown spots and your customers will appreciate the water savings. All of this in just one rotor! The RPS 75i – The right rotor for every landscape!

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RPS 75i 3/4" rotor with Intelligent Flow Technology within 2 weeks. (Plastic models only.)

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That’s it!  Soon you will be enjoying the Newest and most intelligent rotor on the market!!!