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Replace Conventional Sprays and Save Mo ney

Save Water, Save Money.

The MINIPRO® Sprinkler is perfect for irrigating small lawn and landscape areas and saves water and money when used to replace spray heads.

When considering the industry leading MINIPRO® Sprinkler, think water efficiency. Now available in three popular heights and compatible with a wide selection of nozzles, the MINIPRO® brings flexibility to sprinkler system design.


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Water Conserving Irrigation Product

  • Revolutionary Patented Easy Arc-Set – Simplified arc set allows for wet or dry adjustment in seconds.

  • ½” Inlet-Replaces all standard mini rotors and pop-up sprays.

  • Adjustable to 360 Degrees -  Provides a full range of adjustment from 40 to 360 degrees.

  • Patented Arc Set Degree Markings – Clearly indicates the current watering pattern and simplifies arc set adjustment.

  • Time Proven Patented Reversing Mechanism – Assures continuous reverse and return…over a 20 year history.

  • Ratcheting Riser – Allows for easy adjustment of your left starting position with a simple turn of the riser.

  • Rubber Cover – Seals out dirt and increases product durability

  • Wide Selection of Nozzles – Provides flexibility in system design.

  • Optional Check Valve – Prevents low head drainage.