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The 6000 valve is available in 4 or 6 outlet models that are cammed for 2 to 6 zone operation. With only one moving part (the stem and disk assembly), the valve is easily serviced and maintained.

 6000 Series Irrigation Indexing Valve

The 6000 line of indexing valves offers exceptional reliability and durability even under the dirtiest water conditions. With a metal die-cast body, the 6000 valves are capable of high pressure applications and are recommended to be used on pump-fed systems or high flow city water systems. The 6000 is also idea for onsite waste water and effluent water applications.


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Features and Benefits:

  • Metal Die-Cast Body-Durable, long lasting, and capable of high pressure applications.

  • Available in 4 and 6 Outlet Models-Can quickly and easily change from two to six watering zones.

  • Simplicity of Design-Valves are easily maintained and serviced for long product life.

  • Operates at 15 GPM at Pressures of 25 – 150 PSI-Ideal for pump-fed systems or high-flow city water systems.

  • Built-In Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker-Releases any vacuum created between the pump and the valve on shut-down.