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Find a Qualified Installer

K-Rain Contractor Referral Program

To quickly and easily find a prequalified landscape and irrigation contractor in your local area, use the K-Rain Contractor Referral Program. These professionals will listen to your needs, answer your lawn and garden questions, and provide you with job estimates. Simply complete and submit the form below and we’ll provide a short list of professionals you can choose from. Then simply relax and let the professionals do the rest!

The information you provide will only be used by K-Rain to process your contractor referral request. No information will be shared with or sold to any contractor or other third party.

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A K-Rain Customer Service Representative will reply to your request via email within 1-2 business days.

By clicking on the submit button below, I agree that I understand that participating contractors are independently owned and operated, and I agree that K-Rain has no liability or responsibility for the services that a contractor may provide or any damages or costs in any way connected with the contractor's services. K-Rain does not (1) recommend or endorse specific contractors or (2) provide advice regarding which contractor to choose. I understand that it is important that I evaluate each contractor before I choose the contractor who is best for me. K-Rain is not my agent or the agent of any contractor, and K-Rain's services are administrative only. If a Select Contractor is not available, referrals to other participating irrigation contractors may be provided. To assist K-Rain in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, I give my consent to be contacted (by the means that I have indicated above) in three weeks by a K-Rain Customer Service Representative in order to participate in a customer survey.

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